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EXPLOSIVE Amnesty International truth about Ukraine exposed | Redacted w Clayton Morris

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Ukrainian President Zelinskiy says that he would like to speak with Chinese President Xi about having China begin sanctions on Russia. Meanwhile, a new report from Amnesty International confirms that Ukraine is violating international war standards by putting civilians at risk.

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  1. B1d3n Naytoe are PROLONGING this war to weaken Russia on the behest of B31jing 👁And the CCP is being used by the WEF to achieve 1 🌎 Governance!!!!!!! This will b fastest way to achieve Nu Wld Ordr. All pundits r being misdirected thru manipulation of media. U r not c-ing the forest my friends.

  2. Isn't there some logic for the severaly outnumbered and outgunned Ukrainian Military to fight from from cover versus "the field" that you suggest.

    Also, shouldn't you mention that Zelensky ordered all civilians to evacuate.

    And if you are going to discuss shelling of civilian areas… It's so obvious the Russian army has done 1000x the damage… And they are the aggressor… It doesn't matter that Ukraine wanted to join NATO or if they did join NATO… That does not give Russia the green light or the justification to invade a neighboring country. Period. I love your show but you speak as though Russia is justified in their action. Had they not, was Ukraine or NATO going to preimptively invade Russia? OF COURSE NOT. It's fishy that you gloss over these fundamental truths.

  3. The Ukrainian flags and all that virtue signaling is slowly disappearing. What's up with that? Are people coming to their senses or was it just a tik tok moment?

  4. I hear what your saying but Britain would have been given the same advice in the Second World War. Give up!. The thing I don’t feel you understanding is if it was easy Russia would do it again. And might do anyway . Putin has made his intentions pretty clear he’s kind of a man of his word.

  5. <>>> in the Minds of The US tht is. Russia is freeing Europe from Western trite. China is a close ally.) Sorry US but you're paranoid skitsophrenia needs healing, I doubt there is no cure though.

  6. When this first started, I posted a comment that probably never got viewed by anyone that was one of those ' The ukrainian people are a devout people that dadada, and this shouldn't be happening dadada…' and I always end up saying the wrong stuff. Not that these aren't good ppl, I've met some, and there are some dancing women I used to follow from there, but this is all kinda weird. The whole world is on some weird stuff. That book we've been reading all these years makes more sense now than ever.

  7. Poor Ukraine. China is now fully aligned with Russia after the Pelosi stunt. China makes the world's best drones. Will DJI drones flood the Ukraine sky? Will China provide Russia intelligence with their global satellites? We shall see.

  8. Zelensky is playing his delusional hate game. He is so arrogant and entitled that this man feels he is the king of the world. Are there any limits to his big ego? He would do everything to destroy Putin, even sacrifice/wound/kill his own citizens, just to keep his "hero" label. This man is a dangerous dictator.

  9. So what….it's a gory, violent "war" and soldiers are hired killers to destroy enemy targets. War, war, war is total garbage – kill the leaders and shut it down!!!!!!

  10. Please keep reporting the truth fearlessly, what you are saying is in sync with what Russia's been saying for months, much love and respect to you all!

  11. Ahh 🇨🇳CHINA’s been around for centuries, complete with WALL! WHO’s gunna Challenge THEM? They Help build RAILROADS WORLD WIde! In Every Economy Biggley !

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