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These Dutch farmers are NOT backing down as media ignores the story | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Why is the mainstream media disinterested in the Dutch farmer protests? Is this uninteresting because it does not affect big business? Is the move to burden these farmers more political posturing? #dutchfarmers

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  1. Guys farm animals dont do much to the climate. Its not using hemp fuels for over 100 years with single use plastic and solar/wind is alternative energy because you can't create or destroy energy. Butttt to reality out biosphere and ozone layer is collapsing. Then there's the methane holes in siberia.. Anybody heard of dane wigington? Lmfao sorry clayton you dont know the end game.

  2. The main stream media have been bought out. The elite bully boys think they have the upper hand because they own the media control the governments who control the police and army, people should question friends and relatives who are in the police and army and ask them who side they are on the 1% elite and two minute politicians, here today gone tomorrow who leave destruction in their short term or the people and country they protect and serve. As for climate change, its a tool to force another agenda just like the war in the Ukraine. As for the planet the elite couldn't give a stuff but they know people take the planet to heart and they are playing on them feelings, as for the war its great for the elite, bit like having a dog or cat to blame everything on, fuel gone up, kick the dog, food gone up kick the cat etc.

  3. If these people really worried about climate change these politicians and celebrities wouldn't be using private plains like taxis.

  4. I can only find this news on YouTube. British media does not report it. I recalled that British media had mentioned quite some time ago but has not reported it again.

  5. Please guys study sun cycles and we are in middle of a very eikd one now in Europe large medias invite more scientifics to explain it to people in usa medias don t do it

  6. My opinion on the farmers is the same opinion I have for the truckers world-wide: Don't waste your time and fuel on protests. Just stop producing, and stop shipping for 1 month. The governments will be begging for you to start working again. It is the only way and the most productive way to get what you want.

  7. Contrary to Natali's claim, that the human race has the ability to lower the temp of the oceans, by lowering the temp of the atmosphere,; l agree those who say It is impossible

  8. I think we need to reduce the nitrogen that takes up 80% of our atmosphere. It probably i tiny bit more abundant that cow farts. How come noone points this fact out? Have you Redacted?

  9. Dutch farmers are not the poorest, they are actually the richest, none the less they don't want farms around protected nature reserves because rare plants are dying off. At least what they claim.

  10. There is no Climate Crisis – do just a little research. There is apparently more ice on the poles now than there was 50 years ago. The great barrier reef is having incredible regrowth of its coral – these are all cycles, humanity has not caused any p[problems with carbon, CO2 and nitrogen. – Come om guys, just a little research. Lisyen to scientists who are not on the WEF payroll.

  11. Part of my morning routine, before i go to work, is to shuffle through all Croatian media and leave comment in each and every one about: where are the reports on protests in Nederland, Germany, Italy, Sri Lanka, Venezuela, Argentina, Canada? Because there is absolutely none. They report about Pride Parade in Sweden, but not about farmers in Nederland? I mean, i have nothing against gay people, but it cannot be more important than chaos in a country that is the second largest exporter of food by its exported value, right behind USA. It can not be. It is painfully obvious that our media is weaponized in sense that they are not here to report on what is going on in the world, but they are here to shape our way of thinking. It is disgusting. But, hey! If they all were honest media and journalists, i wouldn't love you guys as much as i do!

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