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Why is Dr. Fauci SCARED to even talk to her? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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The Hill lost its star journalist Kim Iversen because they were too busy coddling Dr. Fauci. What a miss! We discuss how the corporate media has refused to do real journalism around the pandemic and how this relates to CNN’s bleeding of viewers and profit.

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  1. CNN is only one of the 350 different legacy media corporations globally that B gates of hell has bought out and I think it’s great to see them going bankrupt because of their Lying hypocritical and fraudulent misrepresentation!

  2. It's because they are all working together – taking their orders from the socialist-communist globalist elites behind the WEF and the NWO. So any association with those fake made up regimes is not only accepting evil but promoting it as well!

  3. Fauci doesn’t want Kim to interview, because she is smart enough to know what’s going on…he and his buddy “squeaky Gate” control the entire main stream media. Read Bobby Kennedy’s book about the “evil little elf” and what he has done to people over decades. Horrendous.

  4. No, they are very afraid of DJT and the rising red tide!! This is going to screw up the whole great reset agenda!! You know they follow a script.

  5. Kim spoke about what was going on in Canada when no one else in the MSM would. We often feel forgotten by your media and ours is hopelessly corrupt. I will miss Kim so much. She is a person of principle.

  6. I Agree with David Foster that after Sagar and Cystal left "The Rising" I Completely Stopped Listening and Only Rarely would listen to Kim Iverson and will NO longer listen or trust. Just as I have become a BIG Fan of Redacted as I Love the Banter between Clayton and Natali as you see the respect and care they have for the other not only as a couple but as reporters that are both in their own right Very Good at their jobs. Clayton may take the lead but his Hot wife has so much on the ball and her perspective is different then his and she is also nice to look at as i am sure the ladies like him for being handsome. I am sure they also can identify as both left Mainstream Media and this suits them so well

  7. our chirldren and grandchildren have been bully by our government so they can keep there jobs or go to a concert and the metal health of our preschoolers and the effects this has had on our young ones is disgusting and break my heart my grandchildren don't deserve to be bullyed by new Zealand groverment

  8. State dept published a covid origins document for senior DOD stating it came out of the wuhan lab at the same time fauci and the "scientific community" were putting the bat soup nonsense official statement out covering for ccp.
    Both documents were gained by FOI request.
    I think either Judicial watch or Project veritas got them.

  9. By the way,the war in Ukraine is not not not complicated. No war. No war. no war. America is wrong wrong wrong. Putin is right right right. The evil democrat party kills kills kills.

  10. I used to watch rising with saagar and crystal then they left, I caught it a few more times but not any more, thank goodness that there are guys like yourselves who have put their integrity before their misplaced loyalty to the media lie machine so thanks guys, the truth is the only thing that matters.

  11. Kim is a very honest person. She has a bright future for sure. I was always baffled that her co-hosts would often contradict Kim and she courageously stood her ground. Look forward to seeing her in the future

  12. THE OTHER TWO ON THE SET WERE FULL ON HArD DEMOCRATs Kim was the only one who actually asked questions and questioned authoritarianism from the biden administration.

  13. Dr. Bullcrap needs to be in front of a jury of his peers and a judge for his actions just his actions alone speak for themself over the decades behind the scenes. Maybe in November when the House and Senate is won .

  14. The corrupt media is in a crisis with their ratings, so this was the perfect time for Kim to leave that sinking ship. Kim can hold her own anyway.

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