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Most Science is False…

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So, potentially half of what we believe in science today is false.
Why I am optimistic about the other side.

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These are MY ideas, and I am presenting them here for entertainment/analysis purposes ONLY, you MUST do YOUR OWN due diligence before investing in ANY CC’s, digital assets or ICOs; Understand the Risks.


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  1. Thanks for joining my journey as I share my thoughts about the things I love, and the things that bother me the most. My journey to understanding the growth of humanity.

  2. Hey Tijo, the fact that You are a musician makes You so much more credible. Music is encompasses the mysteries of how things work on earth. And I love Your rants too. Keep ranting

  3. I think evolutionary biology is often overlooked, as it often humbles itself to the overwhelming complexity of the human body … the idea we can just let a few corporations re-invent our immune systems and sell us medical products to fit their claims and boost their stock price seems to be something everyone just goes along with … it’s quite shocking

  4. As a science student & a big market-optimist, I can understand you. Thanks for the scientific part of this content, the average crypto YouTuber won’t manage that.

  5. Love your content. I share your frustration about trying to decipher what is fact and what is fiction. It keeps getting harder and harder to find the truth and present alternatives backed by science. You provide valuable content, please keep up the good work. The world needs more independent thinkers like yourself. Thank you!

  6. Perspectives are copious. A Ridgid and closed perspective can show us only a limited glimpse. But, an open flexible perspective is opened to a boundless potential of ways to view even one single perspective.
    Much as nature appears to constantly change and evolve.. would it not make sense to allow for the understanding of nature and it's processes to also evolve?

  7. With the medical industry, peoples' chemistries are different, everything from prescription drugs, to implants of any kind including dental, to operations or surgeries, injections, that require a foreign material that your body is not familiar with. One persons body could be perfectly fine with the metal screws needed to help fuse that broken bone while in a different person they may for a severe reaction. Same with prescription drugs or injections. People have different chemistry which makes it complicated. So they, much of the time, go with a general coconscious of what works for most people, probably because bio-compatibility tests are not in high regard from these folks and that also is a form of evidence in a way. But compatibility tests are out there that test your own personal blood against 10's of thousands of materials to see what your blood is highly reactive to, and they do work to see what your blood "freaks out" against. It's just cost prohibitive for many people as well but it's not terrible expensive either. People shouldn't be forced to roll the dice with their health unless they are absolutely certain compatibility is there if they can all help it.

  8. Imagine we take a blind animal like a bat and we give it eyesight for one day then it goes and tells the other bats "you're not going to believe this, all of that vegetation out there is green" to which they will them to stop being schizo amd wtf is a "green".

    We know nothing.

  9. Love your video!! I have gone the traditional way, studied very succesfully and am a teacher right now, but I agree in every single point you make (and by the way I will quit being a teacher in one year because even though I get good feedback from the students I hate the school system too much. So I really understand why you quit highschool)

  10. I totally resonate with the content & frequency you broadcasting. Southern Africa has millions of stone structures that resemble those cymatic shapes. Maybe beyond this frustrating time lies a path to a harmonious & beautifully resonating society. See you on the other side bro. 😎

  11. It’s a 2005 paper that uses alarmist language (like your title) and is based on “justifiable but arbitrary assumptions rather than empirical data”. Like all research, it’s more a discussion about the limitations of epistemologies and the truth claims that can be made. You don’t throw out a body of knowledge simply because you find limitations in the epistemology. Some examples of actual empirical evidence that counter the 2005 paper can be found in these sources “Empirical estimates suggest most published medical research is true” and “An estimate of the science-wise false discovery rate and application to the top medical literature”.

  12. I recently read the book The Body Electric by Robert Becker and his work reminds me of the examples you give here.. his research was defunded as he began to really tap into the power of the human body.. I was ranting like you after reading it and realizing one day this will be common knowledge.. and yes Including the healing power of sound. Thank you for your creative work 🙏

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