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The growth of DigitalBits ecosystem | by Sara Sciusco | DigitalBitsOrg | Aug, 2022

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The event began with a press conference at the Grimaldi Forum, where Al Burgio, the founder of the DigitalBits blockchain, unveiled announcements into the expanding DigitalBits ecosystem, including the unveil of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation App, built on the DigitalBits blockchain. Olivier Wenden, CEO of the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation was also in attendance. This app will enable donations with DigitalBits tokens $XDB as well as the ability to purchase NFT tickets (minted on the DigitalBIts blockchain) to access exclusive events. Some additional remarkable product announcement were made, including the upcoming decentralized exchange NicoSwap, built on the DigitalBits blockchain which will facilitate the on-chain trading and liquidity for upcoming utility tokens by organizations and platforms like LootMogul, EpicoPlay, Plägood, Aftermath Islands, and Agoraverse.

The Summit, was emceed by Dustin Plantholt, editor of Forbes Monaco, and Rachel Wolfson, senior editor at CoinTelegraph, also the official media partner of the event, along with the presence of more than 15 remarkable speakers from the blockchain and crypto industry.

The Summit, was emceed by Dustin Plantholt, editor of Forbes Monaco, and Rachel Wolfson, senior editor at CoinTelegraph, official media partner of the event, and has witnessed the presence of more than 15 remarkable speakers from the blockchain and crypto industry.

Al Burgio — Founder, DigitalBits Blockchain
As pre-announced during the press conference, new partnerships were unveiled. All these involve the DigitalBits blockchain and organizations from Monaco:
– The upcoming launch of a blockchain-focused e-Campus in Monaco in partnership with the Monegasque cybersecurity company MVE
– The deployment of DigitalBits Blockchain Nodes in the Monaco Cloud, the first sovereign cloud in Europe: further contributing to the global decentralization of the DigitalBits blockchain
– The Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation (“FPA2”) App: development of an entire platform and application built on the DigitalBits blockchain, with an embedded DigitalBits-based crypto wallet, that will be used in different ways to support the FPA2 causes, focused of mitigating environmental impacts and climate changes all around the world.
-The upcoming launch of Nicoswap, a 100% decentralized exchange and open-source platform — built on the DigitalBits blockchain with Liquidity Pool (LP) and Automated Market Making (AMM) technology. NicoSwap will also provide the opportunity for XDB staking, which will have a maximum supply capped at 750 million tokens.

Oscar Bellai CEO and Co-Founder of Agoraverse
Agoraverse was born as an idea of an NFT collection built on Solana blockchain technology, starting in January. Its first NFT collection was sold out after only a month. The idea behind the collection was that every holder of the NFTs had the opportunity to access its private virtual apartment, which is called “the loft.” To leverage the experience of this Metaverse, the Agoraverse team wanted to focus on the brand’s e-commerce side and their consumers. During the introduction of the project, Oscar Bellai presented the roadmap of Agoraverse, announcing the private sale of $AGORA utility token, that will be created on the DigitalBits chain and added to NicoSwap.

David Lucatch — Co-Founder Aftermath Islands Metaverse
Aftermath Islands Metaverse is a combination of digital identity and the metaverse itself.This metaverse is already fully built and live, its team has decided to bring in some big partners, such as Fabian Nicieza, co-creator of Deadpool, to implement the story-telling of this metaverse. David has over 35 years of experience in internet technology, having previously worked for Disney, FOX, Marvel, MTv, MSN, F1, Under Armour and more… The metaverse is a progression from gaming into a progression on an open and a closed world. One of the key limiting factors today of all metaverses is that there isn’t a universal digital identity. David Lucatch, during his speech, also announced this partnership, revealing that Aftermath Islands’ DUBS utility token will be minted on the DigitalBits blockchain will also be added with an XDB/DUBS liquidity pool on NicoSwap.

Lauren Bissell — Founder & CEO of Immutable Industries
Immutable Industries is a firm focused on blockchain and crypto implementation in growing economies. Lauren Bissell has spent most of her career as a music producer, working with artists all across the world. The music industry is noted to be the last to adopt new disruptive technologies, and in 2017 she started looking into the crypto world to find a new solution of capital gain for the music space. Last summer, Lauren was called to sit in the Bitcoin delegation of El Salvador to bring investors into new developing projects in the country. This activity has had really great success, considering it has been banked over the 17% of the country that wasn’t banked yet, during just an overnight. The main focus of all Lauren’s work is the integration of blockchain and cryptocurrency through education. This is why a new brand called CryptoPop, that collects conferences, workshops, seminars, virtual extending university programs, government programs, and concerts will be brought into the country of El Salvador. Another education program, on which she is working, named “Future of Finance” is going to be launched this year allowing all generations to learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain. This programme is organized by the International Council for Caring Communities

Kory Hoang — Founder & CEO Stably
Stably is a stablecoin infrastructure provider in the emerging technologies ecosystem. DigitalBits and Stably have partnered and issued two stablecoins: USDS (100% backed by USD dollars with Prime Trust ) and ZUSD, Zytara Dollar. Each stablecoin is reviewed by a third party auditor to verify its compliance to standard financial frameworks. Stably and Prime Trust work together with Cohen & Co., a leading US auditor, to independently conduct smooth attestations and monitor real-time balances.

Gaurav Singh — CFO of KyotoProtocol
KyotoProtocol.io is the first decentralized carbon trading protocol web3, a layer one blockchain first of its kind, designed to give liquidity to a new wave of blockchain-based refi enterprises. Projects built on the KyotoProtocol.io blockchain are scrutinized to assure actual validity, making it a shelter for environmentally aware investors. The KyotoProtocol.io layer one blockchain is linked to carbon credit exchanges, which are built on partnered blockchains, allowing for genuine decentralization and interoperability. Kyotoprotocol.io has announced to partner with DigitalBits Foundation :
-To develop a co-owned carbon credit marketplace- to integrate DigitalBits mainnet tokens to kyototoprotocol.io product stack to bring transactional volume and increase TVL
-DigitalBits Foundation and Kyototoprotocol.io to be an active part of the Collective block chain alliance (at zero cost)
-Joint public partnership endorsement to increase awareness and adoption

Mike More — CEO Plägood
Plägood is a web-based play-to-earn social entertainment. Plägood uses synthetic media to create a new media social app, and it’s amongst the favorites of Gen-Z users. Whenever people are having fun on-ramp in the web3, they can receive the Plägood native token $PGT, issued on the DigitalBits blockchain, by performing simple tasks such as creating, viewing, commenting, and sharing. Through this token, it is possible to purchase NFTs, which will be low-cost digital collectibles on exclusive artists’ NFTs, VIP events, limited-edition content, and concerts.
The $PGT token is used to align incentives for the four key stakeholders, increasing utility for all while delivering value back to the community.
1) Music and publishing companies: these are the people who own the rights to music and other forms of intellectual property.
2) Artists and songwriters: creators of music and other forms of intellectual property.
3) Users: are those who can consume synthetic media.
4) In-app creators: those capable of creating synthetic media

Brittany Kaiser — Co-Founder Own Your Data Foundation
Own Your Data is born because data ownership and control transparency are part of the distributed parts of technology like crypto and blockchain, and this is going to allow people to take control of the digital future. This signs the passage from “tech controls people” to “people controls tech”. Data is the world’s most valuable asset because if strategy, communication, and advertising are done correctly, then the data is used for every single decision made. The reason why there is an entire industry solving this problem is because legacy technology isn’t treated as it should be. During the last 10 years, many tech companies were built to extract value from single people and bring them to the top of the supply chain. Technology is just a tool, but people can manage it in a good or a bad way, and unlike in traditional tech, there is no protection against the bad actions taken. One solution is to move from legacy technology to digital trust. That includes:
-Transparency: no one has an idea about where the data is collected, who has access to what. digital identity and encryption technology.
-Consent: smart-contract signed for when people don’t want to have their data shared anymore.
-Accountability: where all the transactions are made and where the data is going. What data is Facebook giving away? The solution is the blockchain.
-Ownership: What does it mean to own digital assets?
-Sustainability: decarbonize and fund the development of large renewable and clear facilities.

Joshua Johnson — Co-Founder BeyondMeta.holdings
Joshua is the co-founder of
MetaHug, a platform which wants to centralize and decentralize GamiFi education, through incentive mechanisms to learn. How can GamiFi education be possible to incentivize learning through social tokens and brand awareness, without losing the humanity that touches?
The MetaHug structure is similar to a layer one blockchain…
the approach with the country is more centralized, that means the country will pay directly, while the simple contribution is:
-Learn (how), by teaching the mechanisms — How to fish?
-Play (what), developing educational campaigns — What about your fish adds value?
-Earn (where), where can this process be executed? — Where to sell the fish?
The core responsibility of MetaHug DAO is to supervise the development of learning curriculum supported by the branding, and their ecosystem, and build communities through paying it forward by giving MetaHugs.

For more info, check the video presentation here.

Mattia Baldassarre — Founder & CEO of Epico Play
The mission of EpicoPlay is to digitalize the global sports market by supporting leagues, federations, and individual clubs in their path of technological evolution. The added value is in generating a deeper, two-way interaction between fans and their favorite club through its connection to an analysis of user behavior data. EpicoPlay has created a complete digital destination allowing clubs to take advantage of a series of new interactive features that allow fans to experience their team day by day, in a new way. The result is the creation of an unprecedented relationship, creating exciting opportunities for teams to grow, retain, and monetize their fanbase. The goal is to offer a ready-to-go, simple, interactive, and cutting-edge solution that revolutionizes communication with fans by making them an active part of the club’s life. In the White Label version, separate from EpicoPlay, the club is provided with its own fully customizable official app that has a simple and intuitive dashboard. In this case, the club has an officially licensed app at their complete disposal, with their own name, overseeing all engagement activities while allowing the development and addition of new ones, according to the needs of the company. On the stage, Mattia announced the upcoming partnership with DigitalBits, to create the native token of EpicoPlay, which aims to facilitate trades & purchases in the dedicated marketplace, and to integrate a token model allowing users to interact with its products and services within the EpicoPlay ecosystem. Furthermore, depending on the quality of user interaction (number of posts published, votes given and received), points will be assigned which, once accumulated, can be converted into tokens.

Bryan Talebi — Founder & CEO, Ahura AI
In this era, education stands to make the society successful, but unlikely it is still delivered in the same way ever since. Today people are facing different needs, and it’s important to address education to solve problems globally. That means this process has to be personalized.
Has been counted that only 20% of students can actually understand and be educated by themselves. Before entering into this new approach of education, there are a couple of things that need to happen in order for AI learning to be efficient. The entire world became accustomed to a personalization of everything. The apps use behavior and data to provide customers a unique experience.
How can this level of personalization be created in education?
The right answer is, by providing the right content, in the right way, at the right time, to the right person. The attention is a leading indicator of learning, and contents have to be in different formats, whatever video or audio, because there are different types and approaches to learning.
Ahura AI, reinvented the educational approach, working to transform the entire industry. In the web3 ecosystem for every 17 jobs opening there is only 1 person that has the skills to do it, and the commitment is to train the next generation to build and use sustainability.

Raj Rajkotia — CEO, LootMogul
LootMogul is an athlete-led sports metaverse, web3 platform that is powered by virtual real estate, training academies, blockchain games, commerce, NFTs, and in-real-life (IRL) rewards. This project can be defined as a multiverse for sports athletes and fans to engage and promote social impact initiatives in the global markets, with the idea of expanding web3 communities by bringing web2 sports fanatics and gamers into the metaverse. The main focus is:
-To build an athlete-led sports fan engagement model through a multi-player blockchain game.
-To provide simplified vision tools to athletes, games, developers, and platforms.
-To empower our community to earn lifetime royalties through lands, NFTs, and stablecoins.
Unlike other metaverse land companies, athletes are executing their vision using our “one-click” publishing metaverse land tools to generate a deeper engagement with fans and community, such as the Baltimore basketball playground, defensive academy, leadership academy, etc.
LootMogul has more than 174+ ambassadors in the NBA, WNBA, and NFL.

No doubt that we will see more great news from some of these organizations in the coming weeks.

The day concluded within a Gala VIP dinner at the Monaco Yacht Club, in the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco, as a celebration moment of the PistaLab Cup powered by DigitalBits, a single-brand trophy, of which the proceeds have gone to charity, that took place on the assetto corsa platform (PC version), and included a head-to-head race in a special circuit set in Monaco.

The winner, Andrea Miatto, is pictured here with Prince Albert II of Monaco and Al Burgio.

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