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Web3athon Guide. Web3athon is a 3-month-long virtual… | by Qtum | Aug, 2022

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Web3athon is a hyperlocal, 3-month-long virtual hackathon sponsored by Qtum, CoinDesk, and Crypto Research & Design Lab. The event started at Consensus 2022 on June 9th and will continue until September 1st. Coders, designers, community organizers, policymakers, economists, urban planners, and artists worldwide will gather to discuss potential innovative solutions to global problems.

Below, you will find instructions on how to participate in the Web3athon.

Web3athon Guide. Web3athon is a 3-month-long virtual… | by Qtum | Aug, 2022

The hackathon is composed of two phases:

  • Idea submission phase
  • Project submission phase

The idea submission phase lasts from June 9th to August 7th. In this phase, your team will select one of the following five themes to choose from:

  • Generational Wealth Building
  • Financial Health
  • Disaster Relief and Response
  • Environmental Well-Being
  • Sustainable Communities and Culture

Once you have a fully fleshed-out idea, you will need to submit it here:

Web3athon Guide. Web3athon is a 3-month-long virtual… | by Qtum | Aug, 2022

To complete this part of the form, please select “ADD NEW IDEA.”

Web3athon Guide. Web3athon is a 3-month-long virtual… | by Qtum | Aug, 2022

Now, you can start putting in your idea pitch.

Web3athon Guide. Web3athon is a 3-month-long virtual… | by Qtum | Aug, 2022

There are certain questions you must use to guide your idea generation. They are:

  • Is a problem being addressed?
  • How did you arrive at your solution?
  • What problem is it solving for people? What community is it tackling? Who benefits from this solution at large?
  • What evidence can you provide that this solution is valuable for your target users?
  • Which chain/chains you’re building on and why?
  • What are the potential negative environmental and social effects? What strategies would your team develop to mitigate this?
  • What are the possible unintended consequences of your project? What risk management strategies have you thought of implementing to anticipate these?
Web3athon Guide. Web3athon is a 3-month-long virtual… | by Qtum | Aug, 2022

Click on “SUBMIT YOUR IDEA” and check the column on the left. You can either build a team from scratch or join an existing one. It may be advisable to join an existing team that requires someone with your skillset if you are joining on your own. However, make sure you do your research before joining a team. After submitting your idea, you won’t be able to change your team.

The last date to submit an idea is July 25th.

The project submission phase lasts from August 18th to September 20th. In this stage, the CRADL team and Web3athon judges curated by CRADL will select the final winners per chain. Judges will also select notable winners that do not receive prize money but do receive recognition for their work from each chain. Submissions for all themes will be evaluated using these criteria:

  • Human understanding: Does the project clearly understand its target user base?
  • Social Impact: Do they know the proposed idea’s wider environment or social impact within the targeted community and beyond?
  • Value proposition: Is the value proposition clearly articulated?
  • Team composition: Does the team have the experience and skills necessary to deliver this project effectively and responsibly?
  • Web3 fit: Does the project need a web3 tech stack?
  • Usability: How usable is the solution for the target audience?
  • Tech fit: How technically robust and valid is the solution?

With more than $800,000 in total prizes, this is one of the most lucrative hackathons out there. Don’t forget to submit your idea before it’s too late! Submit your idea today!

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