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What UFO news Congress JUST learned will change everything | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Congress is not happy with The Department of Defense’s slow move towards investigating UAPs and wants to take matters into its own hands. This comes as the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI) has released its Explanatory Report. Christopher Sharp joins us from Liberation Times to talk about the latest revelations around UFO disclosure.

🔥Read Christopher’s reporting at https://liberationtimes.com

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  1. Why disclose and be concerned now, right at this very point in time. After all area 51 is not new to many and wasn't it Jimmy Carter who cried after visiting the evidence on hand way back then ? Is this more distraction and theatre to waylay an already threatened and nervous population … more government control ? !!

  2. Tin foil hat on – They'll admit that there are aliens out there so that they can stage a false flag alien invasion which will allow them to declare a world wide state of emergency, lockdowns etc.
    Those ships and aliens "invading" will be actually holograms, the "invaders" will be pushed back but the world will have to stay in the perpetual marshal law state, with severe restrictions in human rights and freedoms.

  3. Disclosure doesn't just mean 'unveiling the existence of aliens'… it means shedding light on every single secretive thing that's been hidden from humanity for millennia.

  4. They (Congress) already know what's happening. It's just time for them to let US know because they know the end is near. If you read the books removed from the Bible, it explains so much. This country is going to judged for so much deception. Get knowledge for yourself knowledge so that you can prepare for the future.

  5. The little gray men have been giving all this technology and power to narcissists and psychopaths. They should be ashamed of themselves 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  6. What has all ways made me laugh is when people say they have seen ufo’s with flashing lights! Surely any visitors would not want to be seen so I really think they would switch them there lights off 🫣😂

  7. I am Estonian. I remember my father got a pile of bad quality copies of Russian army papers where i read about ::things;; fly into ice and out like it would be nothing. Under water and sky fly is piece of cake 😄.
    My dad died in 2004 so no way to ask where he got this materials.

  8. First, do what we say cause global warming, then do what we say cause global health emergency and now do what we say cause aliens. Not buying it.

    Redacted, don’t be a useful idiot to the machine.

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