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The TRUTH in Ukraine just revealed in stunning leaked documents | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Newly leaked documents paint a dire situation in Ukraine as Zelensky releases prisoners to fight the war. Roger Waters blasts propaganda news CNN for pushing a war. Tom Wheelwright joins us to talk about the Democrat’s Inflation Reduction Act. Will it actually lower inflation?

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  1. Roger Waters and The Wall pretty much illustrates Orwell's work factoring in NAZIsim. That is National Socialism. I like Roger Waters. "We don't need no education"….."We don't need no thought control"…..yeah, well I could see how CRT and leftist Socialists don't like Roger Waters.

  2. These Governments in North America have no interest in a middle class, their agenda is to destroy all private ownership of business, property and human souls. They intend to create nothing but large companies with a private/public partnership, this is about full control and domination. This is WEF agenda of you own nothing, I've said this for three years now and still they move forward.

  3. They don't have to prove you're guilty most of the time, you have to prove your innocence 100% of the time. They accuse you lose and that's the game and people won't like that that's why they need the 45 billion for their enforcement a euphemism for their weapon. You can't afford to fight them in court and now they are going to make sure they hit you and all you own with overwhelming force.

  4. Entrepreneurs are those who do for themselves, of course Marxist don't indoctrinate the benefit of entrepreneurship. They teach that no one should do anything for themselves, the collective should provide. They don't really think it through though.

  5. When you pay your tax bill, you're paying for the enemy to destroy you. Taxes aren't a bad thing if it's used to benefit your town or society or life, that is infrastructure, actual education, etc But the currency has to be stable too.

  6. Henry Kissinger once say "To be an enemy of the US is dangerous, but to be a friend is fatal". Former US president Jimmy Carter, called the United States "the most warlike nation in the history of the world". Carter then said the US has been at peace for only 16 of its 242 years as a nation. US forcing other countries to "adopt our American principles". US has wasted $ trillion on military spending.

    According to a November 2018 study by Brown University's Watson Institute of International and public affairs, the US has spent $6,9 trillion waging war. Most countries surveyed in a WIN/Gallup poll identified the United States as the greatest threat to world peace, Pew Research poll found that a record number of people in 30 surveyed nations viewed US power and influence as a "major threat" to world peace.

    The US has also invaded or bombed dozen of countries and supported nearly every single right-wing dictatorship in the world since the end of World War II. It has overthrown or attempted to overthrow dozens of foreign governments since 1949 and has actively sought to crush nearly every single people's liberation movement over that same period. It has also meddled in scores of elections, in countries that are allies and adversaries alike.

  7. Gonzalo Lira was arrested and had his electronic devices taken away by the SBU, but then they released him and gave him access to a computer and internet service! Some people believe he's a SBU asset now.

  8. They is something in Ukraine very important that Biden wants to stop in Ukraine. And zerlensky nose this that is why zerlensky keeps asking for more and more weapons

  9. … we need an international, reputable, independent investigation on what happened to those ukrainian casualties, who, what, where, when, whom …. the truth shall set you free ….

  10. Amazon may have been started by an entrepreneur, but today, Amazon is a monopoly. And no, the tax breaks are not for everyone. The tax breaks are not accessible to the worker class, majority of employees, the average American citizen because these greedy corporations do not pay enough that the average individual can pay for their basic human needs without going into debt, nevermind have anything left over to "build wealth" and therefore have the tax breaks you speak of here.

  11. I love how the YouTube ads appear pretty much right after your ads & a lot more. Just curious if it's your doing, YouTubes doing or just coincidence? If it's your doing please keep it this way because it's two clicks then ads are done…for like 6 to 10 minutes. I miss the "Golden Era" of YouTube, Brexit & Trump becoming POTUS was the Death Knell of everything Freedom.

  12. I do believe that Ukrainians are being used as cannon fodder. Americans are being given the (honor?) of paying for their deaths. Maybe the cleared geography will make room for the many world refugees who will work for less and put up with more then the citizens of the Ukraine would have, and how low must that bar be?

  13. They are storing the arms in another country to start ww3. Russia is the target and the USA wants this war.the people dying is not even in question! Ukraine is the victim of the Western economic war the west is waging against Russia

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