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CBS tells the TRUTH About Ukraine, then quickly apologizes! | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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CBS teased a documentary called “Arming Ukraine” in which experts estimate that at least 70% of the “aid” the U.S. and NATO sends to Ukraine gets lost in the mail. Queue outrage. Now CBS has removed the trailer and says it will release the documentary at a later date because that statistic, yeah don’t worry it’s better now.

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  1. I notice everybody correcting things and Russia getting the blame for everything . Yes everybody Zelensky is the perfect President he hasn’t done a thing wrong just blame it all on Russia. What ever Zelensky says is all true in the eyes of all the nato countries all the UE countries👏

  2. No shot I missed this news go figure this is what is happening, just like bad cops circulating and rigging drugs after they've confiscated from big dealers that they get bribed by

  3. I watched the View every day of Trump's presidency because I felt we were all in this terrifying thing together and they brought me comfort, until the last year when they threw Bernie under the bus and I realized they were nothing but propagandists. Since then I have become so disgusted with all of them. It's especially hard for me to not completely cancel Whoopie because she was a part of the 80's movie culture and I do still love her movies, and I'm a huge The Stand fan, as well as a Star Trekkie, in which she stars in both. She is a total sell-out though and I have zero respect for her. She made the choice to be an American traitor, like all of the media personalities that have participated in the devastating propaganda that has turned America into something we don't even recognize any more.

  4. Like why wouldn't they try to get American weapons? The REAL quid pro quo Joke gave them away before! It is coming back to the swamp or their secret satanic army, NO DOUBT! Their Isis army is being trained in the USA, now. But, white sands missile range 🏝️ isn't much improvement from the 🏜️ deserts they were training in. But, they are a lot closer to their targets, now! 🇺🇸 US 🎯 And the Yellowstone caldera ♨️

  5. CBS, MSNBC, ABC, all of them have been taken over by CCP. Cyber attacked! Disney and all the corporations are helping them. At least they did their best to get the story out before they were made to take it down. Doesn't anyone understand what our news organizations are going through to fight this atrocity!

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