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The Uniq Marketplace Launches to the Public on the 29th of August | by Nada | Ultra | Aug, 2022

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Ultra’s NFT Marketplace goes into public beta at the end of August with various NFT collections up for grabs

The Uniq Marketplace Launches to the Public on the 29th of August | by Nada | Ultra | Aug, 2022

During the Uniq Marketplace closed beta, we welcomed over 1,800 players to the app and received a ton of valuable feedback. After three stages and various UI and technical modifications, we’re proud to announce that we’ll be unleashing the Uniq Marketplace to the public on the 29th of August!

On the 29th of August, we’ll be opening up the open beta version of the Uniq Marketplace so that anyone that has downloaded the Ultra platform and created an account can explore, buy, collect, and sell valuable and exclusive Uniqs.

You’ll find several collections from Ultra, NFT artists, partners, and community members available to buy and sell. The Uniq Marketplace will frequently update with new content, including new collections and drops.

Various collections will be released for the launch of the Uniq Marketplace. Each one presents a Uniq style, as well as a glimpse of the type of utility Ultra’s blockchain facilitates.

We’ll be revealing these collections in more detail in the coming weeks, so make sure you’re following us on Twitter to get the latest updates.

We also opened up an official Instagram account for the Uniq Marketplace. Follow us there for the latest news, updates, and Uniq drops!

The Uniq Marketplace is home to all digital assets that harness the power of Ultra’s blockchain technology. Find the most exclusive utility-driven collections on the market to quench your digital asset desires.

Signing up to Ultra

With a simple sign up process and no onboarding fees, you’re able to create an account that gives you access to the entire Ultra ecosystem in a few clicks. Upon entering the platform, you’ll find the Uniq Marketplace and the Ultra Wallet, two apps which work hand in hand to provide an intuitive experience for those looking to buy, collect, and sell the most exclusive Uniqs on the market.

Navigating the Uniq Marketplace

Our intuitive interface clearly displays all the Uniqs up for sale on the first and second hand market, as well as various filtering options to ensure you see only what you’re interested in. Each Uniq Card provides detailed information relating to the Uniq you’re interested in, including max supply, minted Uniqs, tradability measures, and the minimum resale price.

The Uniq Marketplace Launches to the Public on the 29th of August | by Nada | Ultra | Aug, 2022
The Uniq Marketplace Launches to the Public on the 29th of August | by Nada | Ultra | Aug, 2022

Purchasing a Uniq

A Uniq catches your eye and you want to call it your own? Welcome to the easiest blockchain transaction you’ll ever make!

You can choose between paying with UOS, Ultra’s native token, or credit card and either way is just as easy as the other. In seconds, you’ll go through the entire check out process and find your Uniq in your inventory, ready to be kept as a collector’s item or resold to others on the secondary market. Ultra’s blockchain allows for fast and completely free transactions, so you get exactly what you paid for, without the extra hassle.

Selling and transferring Uniqs

Now that you have your hands on one of the Uniqs on the Uniq Marketplace, you might want to sell it or transfer it to other players on the marketplace.

This is made as simple as possible for your convenience. All you’ll need to do is go into your inventory where all your Uniqs are stored and click sell, set the price you’d like to sell it at, and put your feet up until another user buys it off you (we warned you, it really is that simple ;)).

The Uniq Marketplace Launches to the Public on the 29th of August | by Nada | Ultra | Aug, 2022

To transfer a Uniq, head to your inventory, select the Uniq you’d like to give away, input the 12 digit Wallet Address of the recipient, and include an optional message. It’ll then be sent to their inventory within a matter of seconds. Please note that for the time being only Uniqs with no minimum resale prices can be transferred to other users.

Although we’re immensely proud of being able to finally share the years of development we’ve put into one of our many Ultra apps with you all, we’re not stopping here.

We consider the current Uniq Marketplace an MVP (minimum viable product). This means that all core functionalities work as intended and we can now start working on improvements to the interface and user experience, as well as implementing more functionalities that users and creators can leverage.

Various upcoming features will be implemented after the launch to enhance your experience on the Uniq Marketplace!

The Uniq Marketplace Launches to the Public on the 29th of August | by Nada | Ultra | Aug, 2022


We’re in the process of developing a flexible variant system for Uniqs that gives creators the opportunity to produce variations of a Uniq collection without having to create multiple Uniq factories. Essentially, one token factory will be able to produce many Uniqs, with each one having its own custom metadata. This feature will enable PFPs, but also many other use cases for game developers and other content creators on our platform.

Redeem codes

Redeem codes will enable more opportunities to both creators and users of the Uniq Marketplace. With this feature, creators will be able to generate redeemable codes which can be shared via email or chat and can be used to mint Uniqs from their collections. With this feature, you’ll be able to redeem special Uniqs, discount codes, access passes, and more. Redeem codes enable Ultra to access a wider commercial market thereby allowing Uniqs to be distributed by partners, influencers, and other high profile allies.

Game tokenization

Game tokenization, the feature that proves the ownership of a game license by an Ultra account, is at the top of Ultra’s priority list. Once Uniq Variants have been added to the Uniq Marketplace, this feature will be implemented and deployed to the public and you’ll be able to resell tradable games that you purchased from Ultra Games on the Uniq Marketplace. This opens up the doors to make the most of the games you love by earning extra cash once you’re done with them.

FIAT pricing for second-hand Uniqs

Currently, the price of first-hand Uniqs are displayed in FIAT and second-hand Uniqs in UOS. To enable an even easier experience for newcomers to the NFT community, we’re working on a feature that will allow users to set their Uniq resale price in FIAT if they choose to do so. Payments will still occur in UOS (the equivalent value set in fiat) but setting a price in FIAT allows users to bypass the process of having to update the resale price of their Uniq according to UOS’ market value.

Uniq Avatars

Once this feature becomes available, you’ll be able to select any Uniqs that you own and use them as your Decentralized Identity Avatar. The entire Ultra platform will rely on it as well as third party apps like Agora, XBorg, Ultraislife.com, and the many more in development.

Uniq product page

For increased discoverability and promotion of collections and creators on the Uniq Marketplace, we’re developing a Uniq product page where information about the collection and its creators can be found. Our upcoming deep linking technology will enable creators and users to share links to product pages outside of the Ultra platform and be directed to them with just a click. This allows creators and users to leverage their referral link and earn from it in the process.

Please note that these features will be progressively added to the Uniq Marketplace over time. We’ll provide more updates in the coming months when new features are introduced.

We want to thank the Ultra community for all the love and support we’ve received over the years! It’s been a rollercoaster of a journey so far, and this is just the beginning 🚀

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