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This is a F*cking shame

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Amnesty International says it “regrets” the recent report showing that Ukraine is harming its own citizens. This is a first for the organization. They do not retract the findings but they do apologize for harmed feelings. Whose feelings now? The harmed citizens or the woke mob?

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  1. The truth happens to make the report "pro Russian" and the west just doesn't like it. We know that in WW2, allied firebombing of cities in Germany and Japan indiscriminately targeted and destroyed civilians and civilian infrastructure, like water supplies and hospitals, all considered war crimes. That doesn't make any critique of these crimes pro-Nazi.

  2. Amnesty International is never about human rights and criminal violation of human rights. It UK and U.S. government funded apparatus hide their own war crimes while pointing finger at others. Amnesty is a joke. May be they got pressured by their war criminal financiers.

  3. I knew all along that Amnesty International is a useless body. They can only write negative reports on African countries, and Asia to please their masters in Europe and America. Each time, their reports are made public in those countries, I never take them serious because they have agendas against most third-world countries.

  4. the public has a right to know what elected leaders are doing…but its unfortunately to dirty to talk about..so we are told fairy
    stories by mainstream propaganda channels…

  5. This is the reason the fake AI never had any credibility outside the self-proclaimed International Community.

    Per Wastberg, who co-founded the Swedish branch of Amnesty International, resigned from the organization on Wednesday. The Swedish activist said his departure was due to Amnesty’s report about the conflict in Ukraine, and that the organization has gone beyond its original mandate to advocate for political prisoners.

    “I have been a member for over 60 years. It is with a heavy heart that, due to Amnesty's statements regarding the war in Ukraine, I am ending a long and fruitful engagement,”

  6. Who are you going to believe, Amnesty International, or your lying eyes?
    The problem with a corporate drone is that they need confirmation of what they see with their own eyes and hear with their own ears. If they don't get a confirmation email, it didn't happen.
    It's just too painful to accept that the American voters are responsible for atrocities daily, all over the world, so they believe the liars who tell them the evil doing is virtuous behavior.
    You literally see people feeling like they must lie to escape Ukraine to Russia.
    Think about that for a minute; they know they must lie to the soldiers who are supposed to be protecting them.
    Not hard to figure out who the good guys are.

  7. They say that all is fair in love and war. However, there are rules in war that are agreed upon. Much like the rules in love. These rules of Love is generally been removed in the name of liberation. This is a falsification. Marriage rates are at the lowest. Divorces at the highest. As well as single parent households. This leads to incomplete children becoming incomplete adults. 9 out of 10 of the men in prisoner from single mothers. Even the word love has been bastardized. Too often with a pair, lust is disguised as love and love is disguised as lust. The truth alluding them both.

    I say remove all restrictions on the war and let it be as horrific as it truly can be. Only then will there be a true disgust enough to fight against war itself.

  8. Amnesty International IS A CORRUPT ORGINIZATION. They don't expose the fact that Ukraine has been committing war crimes for the last 8 years. In another instance of biased reporting, this organization had repeatedly lied for the Arab terrorists in Israel. If you doubt what I say here, it only reveals that you have not bothered to investigate this leftist organization.

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