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Ukraine's military gone, rampant corruption leaked documents reveal | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Leaked documents show just how much the Ukrainian army is suffering. By some accounts, nearly half of the country’s armed forces are out of commission. So…about those peace talks?

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  1. Hi. Follower from England. I’ve not heard any mention of Ukrainian forces being treated in British hospitals (doesn’t mean it’s not happening though). Keep up the great reporting.

  2. Let’s put it this way. If Ukraine did not throw all of its mite in stopping Russia from invading and attacking other countries, we would be in work war 3 by now!!! Of course the death toll has been high as well as war wounded. Europe won’t help to fight Russia by supplying troops. So what do you expect. Supplying weapons has been a small contribution. And I don’t think that is true about the weapons going missing. If the Ukrainian forces collapse, the US and UK are next.

  3. The Nazis had the Dirlewanger Brigade made up of hundreds of the worst criminals released from jails. The same type of people who formed this unit are in charge of our government and have been since WWII… allegedly of course.

  4. Ukraine – weapons & huge amounts of cash, this is just like the planes filled with pallets of cash that went into Iraq and just mysteriously evaporated!

  5. During the civil war in americia they had a artillary shell called grape shoot make of steel balls with steel wire hooked to them 20 men would be turn into steam .look at russias sheels which are thousands a day .missing men were turned into fodder. sickning stop the war make a deal.

  6. I am not amazed by the mental dissability of the ukrainian dictator. But I am amazed by the european leadership if there is such think. Their measures actually make russians richer and Putin more powerfull than ever while europeans paying the cost! This is not an international crisis. This is a leadership crisis. EU IS CERTAINLY THE BIGGEST LOOSER

  7. Gullible people will believe everything they are told. You start off by declaring the Ukrainian army has lost 50% of its army, that they are enlisting Murders, rapists, child killers and sadists to fight their war. Most of the weapons are being siphoned off, and sold on the black market. Your story is incredible, but is it true?. If everything you said was true, then the war would be over, the Russians would now have full control of Ukraine. I don't see that, in fact, all I see, is the second most powerful army in the world struggling to advance and take any ground. They have almost, a limitless amount of tanks, artillery and missiles, they have a far superior navy and air force, yet they struggle to advance. Is there corruption in Ukraine? My question would be, is there any country in the world, that isn't corrupt? The human race has a corrupt core, greed and the lust for power drives that evil core, it's time to cut it out, to change. Ukraine will last out this war, they may lose territory, but the country will survive… Still corrupt, still trying to be democratic. It's human nature at its very finest.

  8. I cant believe how unintelligent this discussion among hosts, is.
    You sound like at best, Russian trolls or Putin apologists.
    I’m from Poland, and nothing that you say is even remotely true.
    You mix some facts with fiction and conspiracy theory.
    What a waste of time.

  9. Hopefully that “comedy “ would end soon ; I’m coming from a nation
    that suffered unthinkable atrocities during II war from Russia ‘ Ukraine
    which collaborated with German Nazi. I don’t have a dog in this fight so
    in this conflict I wish them well Go fight yourself to the end
    They’re sons of the same mother-brotherhood in progress
    To be civilized they need ages and more ammo. Good luck with it

  10. I never thought I say that but from beginning of that Russia / ukraina
    conflict W Putin imo is many times more credible then liders of the
    western world Their agenda is leading us to total anihilation We will see

  11. Ukraine — small Ukrainian minority – murder majority – to gain their
    nationality That’s the shortest history of that breed

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