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URGENT! Warning signs across LARGEST risk markets could spell MAJOR disaster for crypto holders!!!

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Hey ET Fam! Happy Monday! I hope the weekend has been as epic for you all as it has been for me. It seems that the relief pump has been continuing, and now people are slowly being lulled back into believing that we’re back to the regularly scheduled bull market. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don’t think that we’re any closer to the market being micro bullish at the moment. All you have to do is observe what’s been occurring in the news for the past few weeks and months. Every week there are new reports of huge companies laying off significant portions of their workforce (even though reports are saying that the labor market is going crazy), regulation is still looming, insiders are dumping stocks like crazy, and meme stocks and coins are attempting to make a resurgence.

All of the data is pointing towards imminent disaster. I know that some of you may think that this is an overly dramatic or pessimistic take, and I’m fine with that. I’d rather give you all the harsh truth, that watch you be caught off guard without warning. As long as I post content, I will continue to unapologetically deliver you all the truth whether it be sobering or not. So, please tune in as I keep a close eye on everything that is happening in this current climate.

Much love ET Fam! Talk to you all soon!

00:00 – Intro
01:15 – Unreliable price action
02:40 – Gen Z meme gambol index
03:23 – This a new bull market
04:36 – Insiders are dumping the most stocks since January
06:24 – Bear market declines tend to be backloaded
07:33 – Labor market going crazy
08:13 – Circle freezing Tornado users funds
08:46 – Investing in crypto has become contrarian
09:49 – Patience is key
11:55 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Don't forget both Bitcoin and Ethereum had a bullish cross on their Monthly stochastics, and they continue to move upward. So that could help send price a bit higher even if the Weekly maxes out. But when the Monthly, Weekly, and Daily stochastics all come crashing down together, the hopium of the bottom being in, and the hope of a macro expanding flat, will come crashing down with them. The bearish divergence on the Monthly RSI doesn't lie. If BTC dumps 85 percent in bear markets, that would be 10K from the 69K high. Brace for it.<

  2. Everyone, check out the time ELLIOT made this important video, And the opening markets this morning. ELLIOT, has truly matured in this industry in every possible way, INCLUDING his instincts. Thanks ELLIOT

  3. Soo in basic terms expect some bull traps coming forward 🤔 accumulate on some dips but be careful about going heavy until things truly die down when crypto is considered dead by the general public.

  4. Elliott, are you drinking the Kool-Aid too?? A recession has ALWAYS been indicated by 2 consevutive quarters of negative growth. ALL economists agree. Just because a few corrupt politicians currently (temporarily) in power refuse to accept responsibility for the consequences of their horrible domestic economic policies doesnt mean a recession is no longer a recession. These tyrants in Washington DC are using Newspeak to redefine the world around them to fit their narrative because they dont want to be held accountable for the damage they are xausing. Dont be so naieve. Wake up sheeple.

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