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We are watching everything collapse into Civil War, Russia readies for war against west | Redacted

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Trump’s home was raided in the early morning hours as supporters call for civil war and #nationaldivorce Russia is preparing for an attack on the west according to British military sources. China ramps up pressure on Taiwan.

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  1. You know global warming is fake because corporations and the government love it. They dont want to talk about actual environmental devastation caused by them such as with the ridiculous amount of plastic pollution, the amount of waste by everyone upgrading their iphones yearly and consumerism in general, destruction of nature with urban sprawl etc etc.

  2. @Nataly, about the rainbow watch.
    I just came across a Russian post which was discussing how bad the situation in the West is, that the LGBTQ movement has "privatised" the rainbow sign/colours, the word "pride" to such an incredible extent that when a westerner sees the rainbow or the word "pride", LGBT it's the first thing that springs to their mind.
    + Consider that LGBT isa natural minority, the extent of the ridicule is so bad that the minority is out with a full-scale discrimination of the majority…
    So sorry for such a society…

  3. He can just show us the search warrant he was served, everything less is a game and you are a pawn. The commentators here are scared, lol!!! Fear mongering works……..

  4. It has been proven that ever since coral reefs have become hobbies, the health and reproductivity, and information concerning them has expanded and most countries in South America are considering legalizing the hobby for these reasons. Quite the opposite of scalping going on in this hobby when compared to something silly like… Hotwheels.

  5. 10 Stages of Genocide…..#1 Classification…People are divided, into us and them. #2 Symbolization…People are forced to identify themselves. #3 Discrimination..people begin to face systematic discrimination.#4 Dehumanization.. People equated with vermin's and decease.#5 … Organization..The government creates specific groups (Police, military, FBI) to enforce their policies. #6 Polarization..The government creates propaganda to turn the populance against the group. #7 Preparation.. Official action to remove and relocate people. #8 Persecution..Beginning of murders, theft of property, and trial massacers.#9 Extermination…wholesale eliminations, of the group. It is "Extermination", and not murder, because the people were not human. #10 Denial..The government "denies" that it has not committed, any criminal acts.

  6. They will fabricate something and swear they found it in those boxes. The Don is clean. But just wait till he has power again with this new standard of governance. He is gonna tear the whole thing down.

  7. People say in the comments how you two are not taking sides….every time I watch ur show/channel it sounds to me you both are on Putin side….cracking sarcastic jokes laughing about Ukraine getting weapons from the US…..even kinda down talking UK as well….least that’s what I’m getting out of this….😑

  8. The vilinization of Donald Trump is freaking ridiculous. I didn't like him in the primaries. I was a democrat. The tighter the left squeezes Trump the more voters will slip through their fingers.

  9. I knew it all along that they would stoop to find out about Trump’s toilet paper wheather it was ecological or not and how much he used daily and nightly and how often.

  10. Why is it up to Ukraine to start the peace talk? Shouldn’t that be on Putin since he’s the one that stepped on their territory first?
    I’m confused 🫤

  11. You really should make the CNN editing part near 1:40 into another clip. It should be mandatory for people to be interviewed the have a clock behind them. Do you remember one of the Simpsons episodes where the clock behind Homer flips back and forth to make the clip?

  12. By Design ! Kabuki Theatre. The goal, to bring America to Civil War. They've already divided us as citizens. And we all can reflect on how they have accomplished this
    Chewing on this Raid is major distraction and getting us upset. Priming us for Nov. and what will once again be a rigged election. This they plan to be the final domino causing Civil unrest. What next ? Subduing the citizenry by various military means. Possibly bringing in UN Troops. Notice how often Civil War is being repeated NOW.

  13. Are you kidding me? A Naked hairy family traumatized you both and your family? Laughable immaturity. I have less trust in your abilities to get through the real issues that are revolting with the evil anti-American Lefties with their clothes on.

  14. Sorry Natali, you fail civics 101. The Executive Banch headed by the President includes the DOJ and FBI and both fall under the purview of the Attorney General. It's not a separate branch of the government. Of course mistakes like this are typical for a democrat.

  15. 1:07:40 – Don't forget! There was also the Crown of Thorns Starfish population explosion that damaged the reefs, and that in itself can be explained by the overhunting of one of its main predators, the fighting stromb (the source of the conch shell).

  16. This all bulshit created by the democrats they are loosing the evil demonic power they used to Lord over all humanity this crap we are witnessing is to do with the new world order controlled by Nazis like Klaus ,now it's to stop trump from becoming president again what a bunch of cowards and thieves they all need be accountable for this white house ordered this .

    Trump will win again again again hahaha how stupid are the Democrats

  17. There are only 3 branches of government. The DOJ and everything under it are part of the Administrative Branch. To claim the WH didn't know what the DOJ was doing because of "separation of powers" is totally ludicrous. The DOJ is not some fourth branch of government. It is an enforcement agency that serves the Admin Branch as does the FBI.

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