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Putin issues DIRE nuclear warning, demands U.N. help after Ukrainian shelling | Redacted News Live

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The shelling of Europe’s largest nuclear reactor site is of dire concern says Vladimir Putin and the U.N. Security Council. President Trump pleads the fifth in the NY AG case as we learn more details around the raid at his Florida home. Plus vaccine data on microchips injected into your body? All that and we’ve got some really special guests.

Special guests tonight:

Kim Iversen from The Kim Iversen Show https://kimiversen.com

And Former U.N. weapons inspector Scott Ritter

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  1. Hablais como si el gobierno de Ucrania pensase en los ucranianos. El Gobierno Ucraniano esta corrupto, igual que Bruselas y lo mismo que Washinton. Tienen todos claro lo que hacen y es matar ucranianos. Asi de simple. Washinton quiere matar ucranianos y a pagado miles de millones a politicos en Bruselas y Kiev para que eso pase. Todos han cobrado muchos millones de dolares para contar el mismo cuento. El que le dicen desde washinton. Los rusos son los malos. Esta es la realidad de esta guerra y ya la sabeis, vosotros mismos la insinuais, todo el mundo que lee habitualmente lo sabe y solo los burros se tragan las tonterias que dice washinton, bruselas y kiev. Tambien los medios corruptos que sobrevivien de las limosnas de los gobiernos. Esto pasa porque la mayor parte del mundo no lee demasiado y eso incluye a la mayor parte de Estados Unidos. Por eso pasa esto y otras muchas cosas en el mundo que esta muy mal. Porque la mayoria solo ve futbol y no coje un libro ni por las tapas.

  2. When I first saw this was going to require almost 2 hours of my time, I was a little reluctant, but when I saw Kim was on, 2 hours became a joy

  3. why is the chat more concerned about the sync…. see this is the problem, our society pays attention to the dumbest things possible and not what is being presented to them with context…..

  4. I’m glad you folks are saying the shelling of the nuclear power plant is by the Ukrainian military. I’m sorry Crimea is Russian not Ukrainian the coast and eastern Ukraine have always been closer to Russia whereas the west Ukraine to Poland and west Europe

  5. Kim is the best reporter at Rising. Now I know why I saw new faces. Her reporting is the best. I dislike the grumpy at Rising, with fluffy commentaries that come across he has not done his homework 😅

  6. Thanks God for you Redacted guys,, love you,, so thankful I am that 'the truth' can not just so easy be eradicated.. (with the OUTLAW of Russian funded media RT, sputnic

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