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The cover-up in Ukraine enters FINAL phase | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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Russia says it would like to honor its nuclear weapons pact with the U.S. but for those sanctions. Meanwhile, the U.S. is sending another big old package of weapons to fire at Russia so what is a nuclear deal worth anyway?

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  1. If you want a first-hand account of life during and after the atomic bomb attack , I recommend the manga series, 'Barefoot Gen'. Written by a survivor who was ten at the time of the attack, it was written as a manga (cartoon) to evade the American censors, who were keen to downplay the horrors of what they had done to two civilian cities with no military value.

  2. If you listen to the way the contemporary Japanese officials talk about the events of atomic bombing (I mean the official speeches at the recent anniversary), you'd be completely in the dark about who did it, unless you already know it was the US. They never, ever mention which country did it.

  3. Putin saved USA and EU and UK from ISIS terrorist attacks
    fir 8 months Putin ,Russia and Russian soldiers did fight ISIS IN SYRIA AND IRAQ and destroyed them

  4. Dropping the bombs in WWII was truly tragic. Keep in mind it was done so that we didn't have to have a land invasion. The estimates of loss of life on both sides was staggering. While I'm not for most of our military actions since, that was the one war we didn't start. If they were so ready to sue for peace before the first one then they would have sped it up after seeing the first one. I'm sad that anyone had to die in that war but those two bombs saved more lives than they took. Keep that in mind.

  5. Only one country was evil enough to nuke the world that has the track record. This is why other countries want to have nukes – For keeping the bully and evil nation at bay. Now the preemptive false flag, using fear tactic’s again. When will people learn that all this distraction using fear is to further control and enslave us is to further establish WEF mandate.

  6. The book "Tell me no lies" by John Pilger has a chapter about this guy who tried to get this story about the devastation of the atomic bombs in Japan. It was never published!!!!

  7. Isn’t it strange how US govt loves to hide what devastation they do anywhere around the world???
    Hiding the devastation that US caused in Hiroshima & Nagasaki says a lot about what US govt is??? Not allowing any journalists to cover that devastation is what’s expected from US govt…. No truth is allowed but every form of lie & propaganda that US govt spreads about every country they want to destroy & enslave is just fine so they use their journalist-dogs to bark the untruths!

  8. Hey folks you missed a # of the important aspects of your reporting. #1. Not only Ukraine has claimed that the Russians are using the reactor site as cover for their troops and to shoot heavy weaponry at them, and thus they have been shelling it, but Tony Blinken repeated that at the UN two days ago. Talk about misinformation, that was an attempt to cover for the Amnesty International report.

  9. "the largest single drawdown of weapons and equipment from US department of defense" might as well just say "we're giving away any way for us to defend ourselves on home land". Broadcasting the loss of artillery and funds is just idiotic to me

  10. bloody banderovites.sad for europe but Poland and Baltic countries are exited about how they pulled this off and completely pushed Non anglo nato countries out of the picture other than paying the bill !

  11. UK ,Canada and the US has lost it but then again why be surprised after two decades of provocations and pushing with Poland as the inside instigator. Yes the UK in particular has lost it …irrational war mongers, I hope they can accomodate a flood of these ukrainians .

  12. It's good that there is a deep morality of Azov to fight for civilians! 🤯
    What do you think, if there were no civilians, how much time do you give Azov and Zelensky, as a military brat? 🦄🎈

  13. The A-bombs did not hasten the end of the war. That's disinformation spread by the US warfare state. Japan was preparing to surrender within days and Truman knew it. US military leaders and even Churchill advised Truman not to bomb – it was not necessary, but he did it anyways. And the US warfare state named an aircraft carrier after him.

  14. Hey, guys….it's a "WAR" and soldiers are HIRED to KILL and blow things up, blow things up, blow things up and over all that there are lies, lies, lies. It's hardly worthwhile listening to you blabber on about this and that – maybe the Billions of Aid is lies, lies, lies. Maybe Ukraine exists in another dimension – I've never been there, I can't verify its existence, and maybe your whole youtube gig is just a Hollywood abstraction. In this quantum universe, maybe it's entirely pointless to listen to "news," who are you? I haven't got a clue. Plastic bots??? In Rubber Boots, In Cahoots with "The Evil Cabal Running USA"??

  15. I couldn't watch this ridiculous display beyond halfway. Have they no idea about small tactical nuclear weapons? Has no-one suggested that the restriction on inspections during Covid was mutually agreed or even driven by the Russians. The habit of putting poorly researched, one sided, overly casual or overly sensationalised supposed critiques of other people's comments is leading to the increase in misinformation.

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