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They EXPOSED the truth in China and warmongers aren't happy | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Is China really all that bad? Delegates from over 30 Muslim countries say that it’s not while the West is fed a steady diet of “China is evil” narrative. So what is the truth?

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  1. Natalie, Clayton and David, you guys are the best. My full respect for factual, honest, unbiased reporting. Natalie, I went through a similar process as you. Years ago I had negative impression of China because of the decades long anti China propaganda I was subjected to growing up in the west. It’s very insidious. When I took the time to look into things more deeply, found honest sources and learned some of the history, I realized the extent of the western propaganda machine and how it had manipulated me so negatively. I am so grateful for the work you do. More people need to know the truth so that we don’t end up destroying each other based on lies.

  2. Thinking of MSM bashing China :
    The shepherd will always tell the sheep to be forever scared of the wolf, but in the end they just got end up being abused and eaten by the shepherd…

  3. XJ is o.k,,how about native Indies,
    Genocide apply to native Indies century of genocide, can't deny,,,, US hate Muslim but LOve XJ Muslim,,
    Perfect sense 🤔 Hollywood world biggest propaganda machine,, welcome to machine,, Draconian western media super bullshit,fake NGO of Ned,,,, bunch of cheapskate politician

  4. You guys are being confident idiots if you believe the Communist party and it's propaganda. They've literally been killing foulom gong practitioners for years. They're anti-spiritual anti-religion. You think they can't drum up a fake demonstration for a group of Islamic observers? I know you're not a fan of a lot of the things that our country does, especially with the current leaders are doing, but being blind to the dragon that China truly is is dangerously short-sighted.

  5. I love Mr. Morris's reaction to what politicians do.His looks are like,"I KNOW YOUR BULLSHITTIN' BUT I'M GONNA LET YOU SPEAK.THEN I'M GONNA REAM YOU W/ THE TRUTH !!!!

  6. I have heard from several credible sources China is doing those things. I know the mainstream media lies, but I 100% believe that China is definitely doing some very bad things. It would take quite a bit of solid evidence to make me believe other wise

  7. So you think a country like China that won't let Taiwan be it's own nation eventhough the vast majority of Taiwan wants independence from China wouldn't do bad things? Ha! You are delusional.

  8. I have an American friend staying in Chicago who believes lock, stock, and barrel, what the American media publishes. And I don't think he's the only one. I believe at least 80% of Americans believe what their media publishes.

  9. Whenever Natalie says out a Ukrainian, Russian or Chinese name, she ALWAYS apologize profusely and at length.

    It is just Wokism, NOBODY sensible feels offended at a foreigner not being able to pronounce their name exactly correct.

  10. Gerrymandering, lobbying, Propaganda. We haven’t had a real election in at least 25 years. If not since 1980. Enough kids gloves! All these people are complicit. Let’s see any judge uphold these laws. Pigs will fly first. Straight b.s.

  11. so Biden provokes nuke war WW3 by picking on Russia on Russian borders through using Ukraine. Nancy is provoking the nuke war WW3 by picking on China through using Taiwan>What is the point of such U/S policy? [provoking those two big nuke' countries to attack back the U.S?

  12. I've traveled to pakistan 🇵🇰 with my husband I even got married there and I'm brittish and they are the most peaceful welcoming people ive ever met …but in the west they oh don't go pakistan its a bad place its not true..

  13. Who owns precious metals it irrelevant. What matter is production of good and services. Say you have all the worlds gold and I have factories producing goods and weapons, who is actually wealthier?

  14. ……Outstanding work……thanks…i will summarize for you…it's simple……EVERYTHING….you are told…is a LIE……because EVERYTHING…. you have been taught is also a LIE. You will soon learn there is only One way to understand the nature of what is occuring….it is not political, historical, social or economic. It is Biblical.
    Anyone who thinks they can ignore 2000years of history will be in for a frightening awakening.

  15. Breaking! CGTN: Sanctioned Pelosis' s husband 1.2bil RMB ( US$180mil) assets have been frozen in China ….and HK. I guess the trip is still worth it, at least to her hubby.

  16. Great show!!! … Would love to hear your all's thoughts on the United States Corporation. To my knowledge it was the corporatization of the USA in 1868 effectively making the country a business? I've heard this through the years digging for the truth. Explains a lot of the decisions that are made.

  17. You're killin me!¡!

    It happened……

    You are reporting on it happening……..

    Your quoting reports of it happening………

    Yet it's "unbelievable"?¿?

    That's the problem with you humans. Totally oblivious to reality!¡!¡!¡

  18. So you telling me that even the President can't stop any of he's Cabinet personal worker from doing something what can bring the Country problems then if it's so why have A president? LOL

  19. Delaware is a satanic stronghold arden according to survivor jay parker is 80% satanists pretending to be different trades believes church people ie Mormons Freemasons, in gov, arm forces and law enforcement etc and abnormal Religious cults under other religions like chabad zionists aka frankism

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