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Hey ET Fam! Thank you all for joining me on this glorious Wednesday! Fam, I have a confession to make. I screwed up and got some things wrong….and for that, you all have my sincerest apology. I have been bearish for the past few months, and many people have not been happy with me. In fact, many think that I’m completely wrong due to the relief pump that we’ve been witnessing for the past few days.

Aside from that, people are literally jumping for joy because the inflation rate didn’t hike, but instead remained constant at 8.5% (which is still the second worst inflation rate ever recorded). So, I have to admit when I’m wrong, and today is that day. I apologize for thinking that people wouldn’t fall for the hopium and start believing that we are no longer micro bearish. I apologize for not ringing the alarm loud enough. I DO NOT apologize for my original stance.

The data still shows that we have some challenging times ahead. However, I can understand people celebrating the little wins. Let’s just be careful to not get ahead of ourselves. Be careful and take care Fam!

00:00 – Intro
01:41 – Inflation has fallen to 8.5%
02:53 – Bitcoin monster pump
03:22 – Will US CPI be the catalyst?
05:04 – Soft landing and no recession
06:01 – Elon Musk selling $6.9 billion Tesla shares
07:10 – Momentary celebration
07:59 – Neo Tokyo news
08:33 – Potential scenarios
10:18 – Make a plan
11:09 – Need more time for healing
11:52 – Outro

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Who gives a shit if ur not convinced ur opinion doesn’t matter only the price matters so while u talk n talk and make lame videos the maket is up make $ that is all the matters

  2. The same guy calling 100000k at the top
    Is now calling 10k
    I hope market is going to reck him even more like he reckt his community at the top lol

  3. Larry fink can single Handley choose too pump, maintain or crush the market and profit tremendously in each scenario.

    THIS one man controls 10 trillion USD of AUM ( over a quarter of the total US equiy market) and is single handley responsible for the global implementation of the UN based ESG mandate. What was once known as the Green Party is now solidly in charge of the Democratic Party.
    Who's the highest priority to date was passing the multi trillion dollar green New Deal Act which has morphed into the 1 trillion dollar inflation reduction Act LOL. This coupled with the upcoming midterms would make it inconvenient for "the market" to choose to plummet.
    Now layer on top of that the fourth attempt to bury the orange man equals a requirement to maintain the status quo until it's not then Look Out Below.

  4. I know I will be attacked for this, but Ellio has completely lost my respect. Every fact was skewed to fit his own narrative. Elon isn't dumping like crazy… He sold 5% of his holdings to have enough cash to buy twitter if he is forced to by court. He's promised to buy back if the cash ends up not being needed…
    And then after fudding everyone to death you shill your FTX sponsors… Completely lost your self respect Ellio… Unfollowing.

  5. Bitcorn chart? 🤔🤣
    This rally had been pretty frustrating for sure… I've found myself selling at the wrong times and missing out on gains because my bias has been getting in the way. Still pretty sure this is a relief rally and that we'll see a drop in the markets again however need to better let price action combined with disciplined entries and exits drive the show more than my ego so I'm less likely to miss out on opportunities that present themselves in the future even if i am feeling too scared to pull the trigger… have to remember its possible to make money in bear markets as well!

  6. Nice to hear a realistic view on the current market situation. I too get caught up in the rise of ETH at this time. Im trying to sit and wait for the big pull back to a lower bottom we all think is yet to come.

  7. Dude ellio, before watching I literally have been describing to people today how everything with market activity is "crazy land". Thought that was good. Thanks man.

  8. As BTC hit 25K today i took my profit and wait for the pullback wich will most likely come next days. Technicaly BTC MIGHT hit 26.5 k before pullback, but i wont risk my profits for that. We have technicaly to calculate to a pullback to the 20k – line and if that breaks even lower. After the flatting out of the pullback i will go off sideline again but so far i´m happy with my 25% gain i made in this little run from june 10 to now.

  9. I think you guys are missing the fact that Altcoins are still new. We don’t know that it’s gonna go lower. We had diminished returns. Therefore we should have diminished losses. But taking head on YouTube is talking about that. I bought my altcoins at $17k Bitcoin. If it goes lower. Oh well. I still made out great. I’ll buy more. But at least I did my thing And didn’t listen to these guys on YouTube

  10. You should just be telling people to dca instead of yelling about a deeper bottom bro, we are in long term buy territory on everything crypto right now and lower.

  11. Exactly. Shit is going to hit the fan. Keep thinking a bull run started. The pain is coming. The kind of pain that buries you, has a funeral, digs you up, and then buries you again.

  12. Thanks Ellio
    I’m with you every step of the way,I agree things don’t make sense,I wouldn’t be comfortable buying in at the moment,your the only influencer that is sticking to your guns ,I guess the ones that don’t follow your advice will miss the greatest opportunities,regardless I’m watching for your next move .thanks so much

  13. The definition of inflation is that fiat is losing value compared to everything else including Bitcoin. In other words, the higher inflation, the higher the price of Bitcoin. It's no surprise it is going up.

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