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MAJOR ETHEREUM FOMO!! Watch this now

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DISCLAIMER: This is not financial advice! This is an entertainment and opinion-based show. I am not a financial adviser. Please only invest what you can afford to lose, and we encourage you to do your own research before investing. DYOR


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  1. Absolutely no more hand holding. But to be fair, some of the hand holding you used to do was highly educational and profitable for those of us who actually listened and learned instead of blindly just following. Ivan felt the same way with big boy pants.

  2. This bear rally needs to crush the weak hands spirit. lots of macro still needs to play out through end of year. hedge funds haven't moved in yet to push prices down to where THEY want to buy at, then new rally starts. doesn't feel like economy is in alot of pain now — need layoffs and money printing — something going happen (in Q4?) to ignite new bull run and pump the liquidity back in. adding dry powder for the big capitulation event.

  3. I can't believe that no matter what Elio says, people blame him for their choices! Elio: "The sky is blue with no rain where I am this afternoon." Them: "it's midnight in Arkansas and it's raining. I went outside and now I'm soaked because you! You suck!" They are not gonna make it!

  4. Love your videos but as you always say when everyone is saying we will retest the bottom it’s gonna do the opposite. Remember when they said everyone says it’s gonna go higher and it crashed…. All the influencers said if everyone is saying it the opposite is true… well influencers are all saying it’s gonna go lower…. This is not financial advice. Haha the upside to ATH is over 2k the low is 750-800 so right now DCA but just know the upside is bigger than the down.

  5. Thanks Ellio! You seem to imply that there is something wrong with BTC because the price action has been relatively anemic in this bear market rally. BTC has big players that manage to tame the price action with futures. Perhaps BTC also has more savvy and patient retail buyers. I see your recent content as just a moderating influence – a reminder that the macro situation is dire and at any moment this could be reflected in wild sentiment swings. A reminder to keep some cash aside waiting for opportunities. But I am not waiting for some lowest low to invest, simply because it is hard to time the absolute bottom and you could wait forever for something that doesn't happen. I am nibbling at BTC when there are local lows (last nibble at $22600, previous 2 nibbles at $19700 on different occasions). My cost basis is $12K from buying most of my position in 2020, and I doubt we will revisit that (most of the time). I use YouTube content to get a gestalt. Would never blame anyone for my investing decisions – even with myself I seem to act according to the information I have at the time.

  6. theres either on more crash coming soon (when the true inflation figures come out) or were in the next bull run and we will be shocked how quickly we get to 5 trillion. It could go either way as so many experts believe the former but what were seeing is something completely new in regards to the latter.

  7. Ellio and Garath Soloway are the only two keeping it real and objective. We’re still in a bear market but emotions are clouding peoples judgment as usual. Anything is possible, we may of already hit the bottom but probabilistically unlikely given the unique macro conditions of this bear market. People are using past indicators to say we’ve already hit the bottom even though Bitcoin has never seen a recession and hard quantitative tightening, just crazy. 😐

  8. Ellio: It appears you read some of the comments so I hope you read this one. I have been watching you for 1.5 years and know you care about your viewers and you have a ton of integrity.
    I am surprised that in this video, you are scolding your viewers for being concerned that they may have missed part of this rally due to your videos.
    You had to expect people would follow your lead (like I have been) and wait to put more money in based on your videos over the past few months. The videos have had an overwhelming theme that you believe crypto will have one more major pullback at which time you will buy in to create generational wealth. They keep warning us not to fall for the tricks and hype. You said you will tell us EXACTLY when you will invest your dry powder and will be showing us how you plan to turn nearly $1M into $100M in the next decade.
    If you are becoming less sure we will have another dump, please let us know soon so we can decide when to start allocating.
    People still trust your judgment and understand things change and investors sometimes need to pivot. If you are still as positive as you have been, that's great too. Just don't scold us anymore or leave us wondering if your strategy has changed. I have my bags of crypto so I am fine either way but I'd like to get the rest of my dry powder in at the best price possible.

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