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They can't hide this anymore in Ukraine as nuclear inspectors want in | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Is Europe heading for a nuclear fallout? Did Russia fire on the nuclear plant that it has controlled since March? Do we now have to avoid nuclear milk? We break down the threat of nuclear war in Ukraine and Western Europe.

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  1. It shows level of Ukrainian desperation. They know they can never recover lost territory so they want to destroy nuclear power plant in order to force internationalisation of war. But, there are also accusation that Ukrainians syphoned off some of fissile materials to weapons program and IAEA would discover it straight away.

  2. Hmmmm, I beginning to think that NATO are on the wrong side ?
    The Ukraine appears to be a cesspit of political corruption and this war is probably based on lies and propaganda.

  3. Putin’s Generals talk before they think.Threatening to blow up a nuclear plant is just stupid. I am surprised Putin has not removed this general .

  4. Again…nothing of this talked about in western usa media…it's all about trump and the raid on his house….that's about it we know about in usa.
    The convenience of news people, news media companies distracting big time.

  5. If Russia or Ukraine attack the nuclear plant blame your self's from day one European didn't try stop this war and they still are doing nothing this is a European war not a western war

  6. Imagine that if you were a Nazi and you had a chance to explode a Nuclear Power Station Russian Troops all over the place..how could you resist..that opportunity?..if the wind was blowing in right direction too cause more misery and Pain…Kieve I think U got less than 5 weeks to live .Russia really has no choice..U did it to yourselves..

  7. Zelinsky bourré -drogué dans la chaîne…. POLITIQUE.,…. Sérieux là ??? Faut arrêter de nous faire " faire le lavage de NOS cerveau !!!! Ce personnage est même pas bon dans le CINÉMA !!! FAUT ARRÊTER LE SAUVEUR DE LA DÉMOCRATIE EN UKRAINE !!!

  8. Ukraine doesn't want the plant to be inspected because the inspectors would immediately see from what direction the shelling came from. "Why would Russia attack the plant when they have been holding it since March?" – Scott Ritter.

  9. The criminals in D.C. and others in other parts of the world are desperate to start WWIII. Especially now since so many of their crimes are being exposed. Tell me who is the actor who played a president on Ukraine's "hypnotizing box aka TV" and magically got elected? We all know is just another wef minion? Putin who really knows what his real goal is since he was always so friendly with Henry Kissinger for decades, and seems to be just another one of wef's puppet as well. Even Pelosi is working extra hard to stir the war pot and protect all their investments, and schemes by going to Taiwan with he shady son. Especially now that so many crimes by the oligarchic politicians are coming to light. How many decades of have the illusionist been playing war as a justification to rob(tax) us blind, and keep us as virtual feudal debt slaves? How many centuries have these criminals played their protection racket game to steal everything with all their made up, make believe laws and lies? Anything to distract the world.

  10. How wise of the Ukrainians, especially Zelensky ! To help Putton to harakiri the Ukrainians, so that the whole world can be smoothly harakiri the beloved planet earth. Bye bye !. No surprises at all !. Very wise Zelensky and Ukrainians !.

  11. No l think it make perfect sense to use a nuclear power plant as a shield and let's face it it is better than using human shields.

  12. I think Clayton can improve his appreciation of how scientific methodology and/or statistic data interpretation works… i.e. why things are stated as "it is highly probable that… or "it appears that…" "it is highly likely…" or "given the available data, makes this interpretation very likely/unlikely" and Occam's Razor (i.e. the hypothesis of "the most likeliest" or "the simplest" interpretation is usually the most likely" etc… instead of saying it "has to be this…" in the world of statisticians nothing is 100% and no thing is mathematically perfect… hence the avoidance of absolutes… of course it doesn't mean you can't say it's 99% likely that this is the what happened, etc… '; p… also the "introduction" of Kim (just casually mentioning her name?) was 'weak' essentially understated… she is your special guest! same with Scott… especially because you are doing segments… I've seen hosts say, (if are joining we have Scott Ritter from blah blah, etc…) or Kim Iverson of blah, blah… just sayin' my 2¢ '; p

  13. You can't trust Western media, it is all a smear campaign and full of miss truths. Russia has the upper hand and the people on the ground welcome the liberation from the Nazi Ukrainians.

  14. Ukrainian government is corrupt beyond repair.
    Why does NATO exist? The reason for it's existence was the USSR, USSR was done in 91.
    We need to beat the guns into plowshares if Gates will let us.

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