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China is NOT messing around with this threat to the U.S. | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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For the first time in over two decades, China released a new white paper on Taiwan that lays out Beijing’s goals for the island. It specifies a “one country, two systems” proposal and makes a case that this is necessary to prevent further invasion of Taiwan. Does this open a real discussion now that military drills have ended?

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  1. In 2001, Taiwan's GDP ratio compared to China was 43%. In 2021, this was only 3%. Rapprochement and possible peaceful reunification were possible. This caused panic in the United States, who saw the solution in the idea of ​​two Chinas. If suddenly 90 percent of all chips come not from US-controlled Taiwan, but from Beijing, the US becomes dependent. Since then, the US wants an independent Taiwan state. It doesn't matter if it goes to war, a peaceful union would put China above the US, but a violent war would weaken China. This is the story.

  2. If you’re Taiwanese, hongkonger, Tibetan, Uighur, or any other subjugated chinese minority, let’s take out the CCP and formally create a democratic state in China.

  3. If more and more of us in Taiwan are getting away from one country two systems concept is because of China’s own doing. What they did with Hong Kong should us that the CCP cannot be trusted.

  4. As someone who actually lives in HK now and has gone through the riots that were triggered by foreign interference, I can say that you, Natali and Clayton, have unpacked the right questions and highlights (love it how you bring up Thomas Friedman's opinion piece about Granny Pelosi)! To help your viewers realize the credibility that you report on and provide further context, let me add a bit. That white paper speaks about autonomy which we have been enjoying since our return to China since 1997. China waited for 23 years before going about putting in place a National Security Act, which is what all sovereign nations have incl. the US, UK and AU as well as all the continental European countries. This was stipulated in the Basic Law of Hong Kong but never enacted on. Why did they had to finally put that into place? It was due to the riots that the local brainwashed "black shirts" started. They burned shops, ganged up on local Hong Kongers and pretty much went about lynching some (see Toby Guu's reporting on that " Protest mob knocks this guy out" and how he got threatened by so-called freedom fighters.) So, yes: China is going to learn from the HK experience. What I think will be different with TW is that the latter has a US military presence. Taiwanese themselves in a poll conducted by Taiwanese have stated that they prefer the status quo and definitely not independence. To your viewer's point, Miles, Pelosi's visit drew unnecessary and un-requested attention to the island.

  5. Can this show also talk a out the protest happening in China? Because this show is highlighting the small group of protestors against the Jurassic Pelosi.😂

  6. China DOES NOT WANT TAIWAN IN A DESTROYED/DAMAGED STATE. They're not going to do anything which will destroy it – PERIOD. Further the geographical terrain of Taiwan will make it incredibly difficult to do anything "land wise".

  7. Thats a powerful white paper uncompromised on all counts, who ever tried to separate Taiwan from motherland, not Nato not America. The definite and affinite red line.

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