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Don't ignore what the U.S. is doing to Africa, this must stop | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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The United States is warning Africa not to buy goods off of Russia other than grain and fertilizer or else risk sanctions themselves. Is that threat in bad form? Especially for a region that suffers from more food security than all others? We think so.

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  1. Good thing that no African country trusts USA anymore apart from the small ones like Morocco

    Annoyingly Nigeria should be selling more oil and gas with Algeria to the rest of Africa

  2. The African Continent will rise up to be the most prosperous continent and we will do it without interference from external countries who have no idea of just how different we are compared to the remainder of the world. Its time for other countries to get their noses out of African business.

  3. The US and Europe should know that their exploitation in Africa and showing of supremacy has come to an end. If I become a president of my country GHANA I will make sure I cut all ties with this guys because they never get into African except to steal and make sure we remain poor. Thanks to the author of the confession of economic hitman we get to know you are the true cause of suffering of this mother earth. But remember you may plan but God is the master planner your day are very very near than think

  4. They will try.

    But the WHO will need to have a lot of guns to take our rights away. Now it’s time to let Americans know that their government has decided to hand over their freedom to an outside organization.

    When they come, the politicians and the bureaucrats should be the very people we put at the end of a rope for signing off on any of this and allowing it.

  5. The USA sees itself as the government and dictatorship of the world. It forgets that these countries
    are independent and capable of making their own decisions.

  6. We don’t really suffer when you guys do your nasty stuff to each other and others. We got through Covid with VERY minimal effect, hence we see no need for the further actions. South Africans pressured the government to not sneak this stuff into our health law, and they stopped.
    We are not suffering from the Nato/Ukr vs Russia debacle either. We plant our own corn, and export quite a bit. Apartheid made us relatively self-sufficient, and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa remains relatively agrarian and rural in nature, so they plant food and aren’t starving either. Only North Africa might be affected.

  7. Stop calling our continent famine stricken, it is not true and makes people look down upon us. Your countrymen get shocked when they arrive in our countries and find that the media narrative is far from the truth.

    We generate electricity too in Africa, we don’t only run on generators. We wanted to build a nuclear plant to generate additional capacity a few years ago. Guess who freaked out and instituted regime change? Our own Elensky accepted an imposed loan to move away from fossil fuels. We did not like that.
    We really hate these narratives.

  8. How did the US get so out of control? The US wants war all the time. I don't see how anyone would sign for military service. These meaningless endless wars have got to stop.

  9. they hired Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus in 2017 before that they had a bunch of white people gee i wonder why they got a black african guy this time.

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