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Putin and Biden just told us exactly what they're going to do | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Western governments are stealing as much gold as they can from countries they invade. The U.S. is expanding the power of the IRS to go after middle class Americans. Meanwhile Russia and China are buying up as much gold as they can. It’s time to protect your family by holding tangible assets like gold, silver and real estate.

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  1. This you need to look into this!! Israel is looking for all the Gold & Silver that King Solomon had. Before the Babylonian’s invaded Israel the Jew’s hid all the Trillions of Gold. Gold & Silver was hidden & no one bothered to write it down & over the Generations it got lost totally. So it somewhere in Israel!! Also they lost where King Solomon’s Gold Mines are located!! And even the Ark of the Covenant the one that Moses made is hidden somewhere also in Israel!! The Jew’s know that is hidden somewhere under the Temple Mount.

  2. That PUTIN HAS GOT YOUR BABY joe. He done got your GOLD STASH Wow the bide administration really screwed us over and now we are collateral tax slaves. TIME 2 Defund them. Need to audit Nancy first and what about all of the Ammo that the obama administration stocked up on for the same tax stuff that they pulled on the TEA Party. I'M Seeing a obama pattern. This can end by A STRIKE ON TAX. NO Reason to send our children off to WAR and let them Die over the fools decisions that they have made. They must pay for their OWN mistakes and not us. been paying for their mistakes and mine for 50+ YEARS. The world has NO Room for such Arrogance, NO ONE IS ABOVE THE LAW, MY ASS!!! Nancy

  3. That's All Great;
    Because Look How Russia & Chinas majority are Higher, Moral Class & Compared that with U.S A's Majority of Low Moral Class, Hostile citizens!
    I Rest my Case!

  4. They want to disempower the farmers to eventually enslave all. GATES INVESTED HEAVILY IN THE COVID agenda . they want People to eat Bugs low quality low protein crap. Bill Gates created the company PICNIC. FOOD FOR THOSE HE HOPES WILL EAT WHEN FOOD BECOMES SCARCE. WANTS HUMANITY TO EAT SYNTHETIC INFERIOR FOOD. Gates is a eugenicist. GATES IS TRYING TO CUT HUMANITY. So much more. Please research this

  5. Gold is for fools. When the Uganda motherlode gets mined ($12 Trillion USD at current estimates), gold's value will revert to its utility value. Its scarcity will have been severely compromised. The only thing standing in the way of price collapse is the mining costs – energy and labour – of its proof of work . That said, gold's value is still infinitely preferable to debt-based fiat currency like the USD and its Bretton Woods derivatives.

  6. Russia's President Vlad…… huh? When they come knocking at our door? Gold buy up? Keep the pot stirred and earn? Or, Vlad the Impaler won't see Christmas, because he's a lying, murdering, corrupt dictator? People are sick of the tweener, warm kettle takes. You're better than that. Middle Kingdom? It's an overdue mess. If The Big Hats don't have a clue, how would you? Want to read the news, read. Otherwise… maybe back round music?

  7. Great work Redacted and thank you. I don't know where we'd be if independents like you were not up there shouting. Those clips from Putin really do need someone to get in and translate more accurately. What he has to say is vital. Quite how anyone might translate Biden's offerings I just don't know.

  8. We are done as a country. My deceased Dad, a wounded and decorated WW2 infantryman, would be shocked and saddened to see what has happened to his beloved country. What a stinking mess America has become.

  9. Our Straw man Trojan Horse President is there by design not accident. If we don’t wake up to this fact yesterday we are fu*ked. Your still talking like it’s us and them geo-politically because your in the matrix. This is all according to plan.

  10. Putin is a strong pragmatic nationalist ,Russia is lucky to have such a leader to take them out of the soviet system and into a NovoRussiya

  11. High gas & energy prices are mainly the fault of the Biden Admin. Why take away keystone pipeline? Yes let’s depend on the world for energy instead of having our own in North America. Great idea!

  12. Gold and precious metals are very much part of the environmental abuse of planet earth
    .its just another example of corrupt capitalism,where the rich get richer,and the poor get poorer.
    Break free from your slavery.get off grid.get self sufficient.get real.
    You can't eat gold,and you won't be able to trade it when the system inevitably collapses.
    Wake up.the American dream is a nightmare!

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