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The CDC can't hide this anymore as they change COVID guidelines | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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The CDC has removed information about mRNA from its website. The information in question used to say that this spike did not stay in the body for very long. Many scientists have been warning for a long time that this is not the case. This is why “Nuremberg II” is trending on Twitter this week. People are demanding a full investigative trial!

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  1. I'm 61, never been poked, never wear a mask, and I've never had a sniffle. Not once during the plandemic. I'm around crowds five days a week, and always have been.

    I have always taken lots of vitamins, (about thirty or so) especially D3. Kind of makes one wonder about what's really happening. I know, but can't say it due to censorship. Makes me feel like I'm living in Soviet Russia…….

  2. Think I will stay in the control group, but a huge shout out to all the test subjects who rolled their sleeves up to test an experimental injection with no long term studies…But hey, no coof huh? oh wait…..

  3. 46, never jabbed, healthy active and take lots of vitamins. Covid 3 times, 2nd time was brutal for like 3 weeks. I survived and pushed through it still working my 4 days a week. Stay the course folks

  4. Here in NZ people are getting sick everywhere. Hospitals overloaded. Our scientists are saying those receiving the jab are having major problems with their immune system. Its a real tradgedy for our prople.

  5. I've had 2 jabs and a booster. I only did it because I care for my mum as I go to the shops and stuff for her. I done it for her so she wouldn't catch it as she has very bad asthma and it would probably make her critical but now I has severe side affect since the 3rd jab and have no energy at all , muscle pains, brain fog and my eyes are extremely sensitive to light. I told my doctor and they took 3 blood samples. Waited for 2 weeks then I had to phoned them and they said oh yes your ok . Yeah if you say so . They could have phoned at least eh. I believe they don't care and won't tell me its the side effects. Who cares right 🙈. My bad

  6. Please, show me the studies that prove that the reproductive abilities of children born to vaccinated parents are not adversely affected… GRIM Proteins… Thank you.

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