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Zelensky threatens nuke attack as Globalists in Ukraine panic | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Ukraine has said it will fire on any Russian it sees firing around the Zaporozhye power plant but Russia maintains it is Ukraine doing the firing. In fact, the Russian government released images of the shells around the area and say that they are British Brimstone missles, which were sent to Ukraine this year. So why can’t the International Atomic Energy Agency go to investigate right now? Seems like if ever there was an emergency to investigate, this is it!

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  1. What Zelenskyy say smacks of Americanspeak.
    They do dastardly things and then accuse the other side of doing it, or they are going to do the dastardly thing they claim the other side is going to do.

  2. OH…Anyone using white phosphorous and exploding butterfly bullets yet like the murderous bastards from 'israel' do on the OCCUPIED PALESTINIAN SEMITES? Compare munitions to see who is doing what….

  3. Even the western mainstream media started to question Zelensky's integrity and credibility these days. To be honest I knew he was just a charlatan from Day 1, as I saw "Fake" stamped on his forehead exactly as I saw "Gold Digger" on Amber Turd's.

  4. I cannot understand that what the Russians are doing causing such Western rage, when the Americans and British do far worse than this all over the world and nobody says anything. Am I missing something here?

  5. Like I've been saying for decades : Great Britain is the snake at the bottom of the rat hole… Russia needs to invade Italy, France then Great Britain… those three countries are filled with Globalists mobsters. 🔥🥶🔥

  6. Natalie…I love you guys..but do you realise that you interrupt Clayton everytime he opens his mouth. Could let the man speak..without playing wife…you guys do news..mate

  7. just curious, if the collective west like the UK and US are knowing providing weapons and intellengience to Ukraine to shell the NPP, does this give Russia the right to retialate in kind (to the UK and US) with nuclear weapons if a nuclear disaster results from the ZNPP?? i think, yes and it will be an all out declaration of

  8. How is Russia possibly shelling the place where they occupied. It's like saying you shoot your oun house from your house a couple of miles away. Haha 🤣🤣 LoL. EVERYTIME I see ZELENSKY the 🤡🤮🐸 it makes me sick. ZELENSKY 🤡 is such a shameless piece of sh**+ !!!

  9. You can't help but laugh at the stupidity of this man unfortunately he's getting a lot of good people killed on both sides I'm absolutely surprised that he hasn't been removed from power in his country by now I'm sure we're going to see it it's just a matter of time

  10. Please open your eyes, Putin and Klaus (WEF) are close friends and so are the rest of the World leaders. Depopulation the Great Reset all aligning and people are falling for this puppet show.

  11. If I was Vlad Putin I would give the West this ultimatum : Ukraine surrenders and signs treaties within 72 hours or Vatican City will be nuked… 24 hours after that if no treaty is signed Buckingham Palace will be nuked… then start popping cities… London, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Geneva etc. etc. 🔥🥶🔥

  12. Russia has taken over the nuklear plant in Zaporozje since March this year.Why would they wait 5 months later and decide to shell it with their own troops and personal inside?

  13. tik tok tik tok … time is running out for the clown puppet. The Russians will be in Odessa by end of year once some 18-20 brigades (undergoing training since March) are deployed around Kherson and Zaporizhzhia.

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