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WEF globalists pushing WAR with China and Russia at same time | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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US military deep state actors are pushing for war with China while the same time ramping up attacks on Russian targets. The US commander in the Pacific says we must respond militarily to China’s moves against Taiwan.

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  1. You bet two reasons they will push it the main one is so they don’t go to jail in the end it’s employee to get us off their track they are so corrupt there’s so many of them we’re just about to catch them believe it or not if we can get control of the house and then Senate and we get a Republican president that cares they will go to jail

  2. 50:00 The attack on a Russian Military base in Crimea is an attack against Russia. If the attack had been pre-2014 it would have been an attack against Russia rather than an attack against the Ukraine. That military base has always been Russian, it was never part of the Ukraine.
    BTW, the Ukraine has no planes that can launch advanced US (NATO is the correct spelling) anti-radar missiles, they were fired from active NATO planes. Russia is well aware of this, just like Brussels is well aware the next place could well see Belgium ammo depots being targeted by Russian forces (rather than Donbass forces)

  3. Starbucks closed a bunch of stores in American liberal cities. I guess they figured it's better to rebrand and keep doing business in safer Russian cities.

  4. To the Victor goes the spoils and we should keep those islands that we took from the Japanese during the war and we keep them because they are strategic in their location

  5. The WEF are an illegal organisation inciting WAR around the world.
    All members of WEF should be arrested and tried for TREASON.
    Klaus SCHWAB is a CON MAN and needs to be tried for crimes against humanity and if he isn't then we know where all thus starts and ENDS.
    With Government CABALS around the world colluding with each other.
    We the ELECTORATE need to deal with them in our way in whatever means at our disposal. Failure to do this is our demise.

  6. Alien False Flag was spoken about many decades ago by an ex Nazi rocket scientist Wernher Von Braun who created the V2 rocket and under Operation Paper Clip worked for NASA and wanted to tell all his close family and friends about the insidious plan to create a One World Government out of this Lie . .

  7. Johnson is a WEF puppet, how convenient that in these times of food shortages the bread basket of Europe will be riddled with radiation.
    They are going to Starve us to compliance.

  8. There are several dummy villages dotted around the UK built to train the soldiers for urban fighting and the riot training is very realistic with many getting carried away and going for it ,, many injuries….. usually a different regiment play the enemy and the rioters , it gets messy if it's rival regiments 😂😂😂
    Those USA generals and others are bloody maniacs playing with possible world war three and Ukraine don't do anything without American oversight , the shelling of the nuclear power plant just shows how utterly evil they are ……can the world survive another 2 years of OBidens administration ?

  9. Hey guys big fan of the show, have a tiny suggestion. is there anyway your tech guy or whoever knows how to put the little ticks in marking when you guys change subject? i have seen it on other videos and not sure how they do it but it would be helpful to reference certain topics. all our love from Canada

  10. We need names. We need the names of those who want to throw our planet into a nuclear war. All these people we hear are only front men – who have no power of their own decision – but they’re only tools of the hidden ones whose goal is more and more conspicuous.

  11. The Globalist Elites don't want a nuclear war though…..
    A good, all out nuclear war would throw a monkey-wrench in the NWO plans…. There wouldn't be a world for them evil demons to rule…That is, those demons who survive..

  12. On the list you read he mentioned Daniel Fried as the former Balkans Gauleiter (of the Clinton NATO anti-Serbia war of the 90's).
    What is a Gauleiter? Here you go: A Gauleiter ( German pronunciation: [ˈɡaʊlaɪtɐ]) was a regional leader of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) who served as the head of a Gau or Reichsgau. Gauleiter was the third-highest rank in the Nazi political leadership, subordinate only to Reichsleiter and to the Führer himself. P.S. a Gauleiter was the Nazi occupied governor of a conquered area during WW2 responsible among other things for the mass murder of all Jews, Gypsies, Serbs & others the Nazis viewed as "sub-human" etc as well as the arrest of people destined for slave labor I.E. slaves in the reich & everything else as the head Nazi administrator & governor of a given area as identified by Hitler & the Nazi party government.

    Not a very complimentary title, but also not that far off the mark sadly.

  13. So American governments, WEF , NATO, Putin and CCP are all against us, the people. I used to think nobody wins in war but now i know..its the men in power who win..they are not being shot at or being blown up in their houses.

  14. The CEO has done the same and most likely less than most CEO's of any large company , its all a bs political hunt. I never been big on Trump , but the more the establishment uses authoritarian force , the more I will vote for him.

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