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Doctors EXPOSE college vaccine mandates with stunning data | Redacted w Natali and Clayton Morris

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A new study suggests that vaccine mandates are unethical for college students because of the risk to that population. Meanwhile, some countries have begun paying out vaccine injury claims. Will this happen in the U.S.? Not likely but we’re watching.

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  1. ALWAYS sign everything like this:
    Without prejudice. All rights reserved.
    Non Assumpsit.

    One can still sue under natural law and common law.

    You cannot be separated from your rights unless you commit a tangible loss crime.
    Otherwise your rights are not inalienable.

  2. In the US, the federal government is just the legal extension of the 35,000 lobbyist that infect Washington. It's our neoliberal corporate big brothers that are the cause, and most of what we allowed to see are the symptoms of a corrupted democracy. China's life expectancy has surpassed the US's (77.1 versus 76.1,) probably because of our COVID-19 death rate, a selfish uncaring population and our dysfunctional healthcare system.

  3. Why is the military the distributer of the vaxx? They're the only dept in govt who have authority from Congress to conduct human experimentation with pharmaceutical products, and correspondingly, they were given immunity from prosecution/financial liability. The few articles revealing this info, were scrubbed from the internet before the rollout of the poison.

  4. I guess nobody is doing any studies on how many young people were hospitalized after never having had a vaccination at all. It seems to me we didn't start hearing about covid cases in young people until after they started receiving the vaccines.

  5. American funding for the lab in Wuhan, where Fauci knew there was gain of function research going on, and then trying to convince you it started in some market nearby just by coincidence. Definitely a plan – demic!

  6. My relatives continue to ask me why my two kids aren't in college and I keep responding that they haven't been vaccinated for Covid and they're not going to be. However, my daughter found an online program in her area of interest which will probably result in a much better ROI without all the woke propaganda.

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