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Oh SH*T, this is how they will control us, it all makes sense | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Is plant-based meat alternative a part of the Great Reset? It sure allows a lot of people to feel superior about their diets but is it better for the planet? Is it better for your health? Or is it a ploy to put more power in industry? We break down these questions with not-so-simple answers.

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  1. There were way more Buffalo roaming North America than there is cattle today. So cow farts are not a problem. What they could do is have small town meat processing so nothing has to be shipped from one end of the country to another.

    I get a whole beef every two years and I know that there is no garbage added. So if we all just found local farms, grow garden etc that would make a way bigger impact.

  2. Meat and their organs is the most nutritious food you can eat…. Look up anti nutrients in vegetables most nutrients go straight through you and can in fact cause issues….I’m glad you mentioned Dr Mercola he was heavily shut down and censored even before c🦠vid…a vegetarian diet okay … vegan not so much … there are exceptions of course…. Typically individuals experience a 12 month honeymoon stage going from a western style diet to a vegan style… then they find their health deteriorates and they need to add animal protein of some kind, especially when you are older…. This beyond meat is a joke… it will keep us sick and reliant on big pharmaceuticals, god we will all need anti depressants for sure😂😂😂 a great business plan!!!

  3. you can always have your own meat with house chickens and ducks and rabbits = got acres get a cow and some sheep = kill them yourself and process all the animal ? – ha ha ha – grow your own .

  4. Seed oils, highly processed carbs and sugars are the root cause of all illness.
    Meat and animal fat is healthy. Sustainable local ruminate farming uses no chemical, almost no transportation costs.
    And it builds up soil

  5. The fact that they want to control what we can and cannot eat is what bothers me. Wether, I am a meat eater or not. Perhaps we should eat them like cannabol or feed them to the lions. In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions sleep tonight.

  6. Just read an abstract from the Journal of Introductory Biological Investigations titled, 'Mealworms: How Carbon Dioxide Released Measures the Metabolic Rates Compared To Size. In their conclusion they showed that the larger the meal worm, the greater their CO2 emissions. Makes you wonder how much carbon dioxide a 900 pound mealworm could generate …or 900 pounds of mealworms. How do the carbon emissions of 900 lbs of mealworms compare to one 900 pound cow?

  7. The worst news is that the world is controlled by the biggest liars, hypocrites, frauds, evils, psychopaths, inhumans, demons and obeyed by idiots, sheeps, maddogs.
    The good news is that everything has an beginning and an ending. The ending of psychopathic world is near.

  8. Demons/Demonic Cult/Demonic institutions/Demonic World Orders : EVILS :- UN, WEF, WHO, Govts, Mainstream Media and many more are built & run by the biggest liars hypocrites psychopaths evils inhumans. All evils have sold their souls for satan and satanism. All evils do/can do any kind of evil/demonic activities against human/humanity.

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