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WEF caught LYING about their plan to control our bank accounts | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Will a cashless society make us all more vulnerable to global powers? Why are we being pushed to ditch cash in favor of a currency that governments can more easily control? What are the ways to hedge bets when governments want to control your bank account?

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  1. US is very similar to the UK, in that it is a legal requirement to accept cash as a means of payment for goods and services.
    According to the Federal Reserve under Section 31 U.S.C. 5103, entitled “Legal tender,” states: “United States coins and currency [including Federal Reserve notes and circulating notes of Federal Reserve banks and national banks] are legal tender for all debts, public charges, taxes, and dues.”

  2. How on earth has the world coped until now? They create problems so they can offer a solution which under normal circumstances no one would accept. (Problem/Reaction/Solution).

  3. Well. We dont shop where they dont take cash. Coffee shops. Taco bell. Walmart. We dont go these places. I'm still wondering why these same places are closing up ?

  4. This is so annoying . Like damn I’m just getting started in life can I get a few years of calm relaxed living before mfs wanna turn everything upside down . End all wars and everybody leave each other alone . It’s so annoying .

  5. West could use India's UPI we have been using it for years now. But they have got big ego and the card/network companies won't let them.
    Cash issue could be solved easily with UPI.

  6. At a WEF meeting on line during covid they openly discussed that covid didn't do enough to stop the flow of cash and they needed to do other things to interrupt cash flow, when asked what plans where they talking about the reply was "as we are on line they would not discuss those ideas but would privately discuss those ideas, they did mention that they need to convince people that cash was costing countries and holding them back on progress

  7. The plan:
    Promote a cashless society
    Ostracize those who use cash
    Introduce global crash from some outside force
    Consolidate financial power for your safety
    Global digital currency
    Social credit score

  8. This is the mark of the beast. The scriptures talk about it. I would encourage everybody read your scriptures. If you wanna know the crap that these people are going to be pulling, it says it all in there.

  9. If there was not an EVIL PLAN behind a cashless society then it would be a great idea. Its the EVIL PLAN thats the problem, not the cashless society.

  10. WEF will not only control your bank accounts BUT also what you buy! With Digital Currency you will not be able to buy Petro-Chemical products, gas etc. And above all you will NOT be allowed to buy meat. Remember WEF said, ‘You will eat bugs and be happy.’ Come on guys, are we ready for bugs? SAY NO TO CASHLESS SOCIETY!

  11. In the UK this cashless scheme has been quickly embraced by businesses, such as restaurants and coffee shops, and one of the reasons is that they get charged by the bank for depositing cash. Our high street banks are gradually disappearing as are cash point machines, making it even more difficult for people to pay cash into their accounts or draw cash out.
    Regarding the whole 'germs on surfaces' thing, to a certain degree it is true, germs will be present on the surface of ANY item handled multiple times by multiple people – the most germ-ridden item being a computer keyboard. But folks need to be more concerned about the shopping trolley and shopping basket handles. Again, in the UK several years back a study was done, and presented via a TV program, where multiple shopping trolleys from the likes of Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury, to name but a few, had the handles swabbed and sent to a lab. It was revealed that these handles carried things such as MRSA, Campylobacter, Salmonella, E.coli, to name but a few. This is not unique to the UK, but studies in the US have shown this too, and probably globally.

    But this is how our immune system develops resistance and works without us even realising it, day in, day out. Even the earth in your back garden has the potential to kill you due to the micro organisms within it, but yet, here we are, thriving and alive, due to our amazing immune system.

  12. the balance in your bank account reflects the value of what it is refered to. in the this case its the gold deposits owned by the federation who owns the currency.(MINT)

    if the federation changes the refered value into a crypto-currency then the bank will be valued in that cryto amount.

    its really that simple. no need to over-complicate things.

  13. We saw this financial-deprivation-power in Canada when the president threatened the truckers to disperse or else their bank accounts would be frozen. Thant's what's coming folks to all the countries. The utterly ridiculous thing is that at supermarket checkouts people will use their card and in the self-pay section, tap it out certain items on the touchscreen that everyone else has touched and glass does hold germs.

  14. Yes a good ploy and it fooled so many. That gave them the signal to get all tills in shops self serve other goods only on line. It's now everywhere. We need people to start using cash all the time. Unless they have no option. Banks and branches closing down here in the UK. It's alarming..

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