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Wait! What the F*ck did Fauci say about WOMEN and Vaccine reactions? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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A [new study](https://www.nih.gov/news-events/news-releases/study-confirms-link-between-covid-19-vaccination-temporary-increase-menstrual-cycle-length) shows that the Covid vaccine can alter menstruation. So many women were telling the truth! We talk about how big of a deal this is, how many people lost their livelihoods because of this and what could happen if women continue to get boosted.

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  1. Vaccines work. Nearly all deaths were in UNVACCINATED people. You can't fix stupid. (You can improve it in some instances with a 2×4 to back of head) haha

  2. Com'on you guys, women don't have to worry about not getting pregnant or sterile as everyone knows men can get pregnant now so women's job of reproduction is now redundant.

  3. Is Foucni a real doctor or does he hold a doctorate in something else.?
    & why has he not been dealt with, it was so obviously mass murder, or at the very least crimes against humanity.!

  4. Vaxxxx es have caused all sorts of autoimmune diseases. Like my ms that came from all of my vaxxxxx the last being the flu and that destroyed my immune system. Thanks big pharma I passed on this prop a Ganda sized offer. I’m out

  5. It IS a big deal.
    What worries me is when Faucci is questioned about these findings, he is so matter of fact and as if he already knows….. He’s going to get away with it…. No repercussions.

  6. In a sense, my mom and I were lucky here because we knew better than to trust anyone in big pharma. She has MS and I've had eczema since I was 3. The only time she's had a relapse in the 9 years since her diagnosis was a consistent stint when she was off of her supplements. There's no telling how many side effects she would be dealing with every day on top of the already done neural damage is she went the big pharma route.
    And for eczema, the medications coming out all claim to get to the root cause; but, anyone who's ever been diagnosed, or has a child who has, knows that doctors don't know the root cause in the first place.
    Big pharma is bad news. Some modern medical practices are great when they're actually needed, but anything else is detrimental.

  7. What about shedding? I haven't seen or heard much on this topic lately. There were several doctors offices that would not take patients if they took it. One in particular was an office were a couple of the staff were pregnant.
    Any info on shedding and the correlation to women?

  8. 'Collective outrage fatigue' a way to desensitise/fatigue people by making them focus on symptoms and therefore not have time to look at the causes. It's like doctors treating high blood pressure rather than looking at what caused the high blood pressure and dealing with that. As a society we need to go back to the fundamentals of what we believe in and maybe update the wording eg. Don't take anything that does not belong to you. Do not do something to someone else that will cause injury or death. Once the society (not rulers) has established its rules if you want to belong to it you abide by the rules, if not move to a society that better reflects the way you want to live.

  9. Fauci JAIL — Jail FAUCI -JAIL JAIL JAIL – This ma is a murderer — Simple he is "mad scientist" who is quite content to see people die so that he can test a vaccine ! ! ! ! Because he took part in the VERY CREATION of COVID in the first place — Ask Senator Paul !?!?!?!?

  10. your not asking the right question. WHY does it alter your period?? NO fertility studies were done. Blind trust is NOT science.

  11. Since anyone with infertility issues knows there are only about 3 days each month that can result in pregnancy (the day before ovulation, the day of, and 24 hours after). Being one day off is huge! The best results occur on the day of ovulation, a 24 hour period of time. So yes, being off by 24 hours is a big deal whether you want a pregnancy or are trying to avoid pregnancy. Duh.

  12. I refrained from taking the vax when a leading world virologist mentioned do not take the vax she continued she is not anti vax but not this vax praise God I did so as I was attacked viciously with the Covid virus and I am around today fighting recovery thank God

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