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Fauci lied to you. Again! #shorts

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Dr. Fauci lied once again. This time about women. #shorts


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  1. So pleased Natali to hear the facts out there. Fauci needs his Doctor ship stripped as truth telling Doctors and truth in science where robbed of their careers. Fauci your no Doctor recognition denied 🇦🇺🙏

  2. So many lies about the jab and COVID, so little time.
    We heard a bunch about how women's periods were impacted… Men's swimmers too! Just awful. Sending love❤️ keep up the good work

  3. You two are awesome 🙂 I know If you were not limited & not have worries of being censored to what you are allowed to say people would be alot more aware of what has & is still happening. Fauci, Barack, Bright, & more have insanely horrible histories with vaccines, gain of function projects, investments & involvement in most emergencies solutions. People should research & publish all of Faucis history & his genocidal approvals & all look at all persons involved. I'm surprised he didn't get the electric chair in the early 80's along with many top Virologists & political partners of his.

  4. Mossad are normally used by the US for these type of stunts…despite having a Navel presence…the sooner evidence is collected the better. But first there can plant whatever evidence they want!!
    Don’t ever forget, Bush cleared the crime scene of the World Trade Centre, and shipped it to Pakistan before ANYONE had time to think straight. The second crime of the century after blowing the towers was the first!

  5. Maybe the 8 mice for the bivalent booster testing were all male. Then again, don't they terminate the animal subjects and not monitor for post-acute effects?

  6. This indicates that it messes with your hormones. If your hormones get messed around with too much it can make you immunocompromised which then causes uncontrollable cancer. This is why women who get breast cancer are usually premenopausal. Their hormones get out of whack.

  7. The bottom line is the vaccines are destructive and are part of the plan of the enemy. Just a precursor to the mark of the beast. Nothing will get better unless God decides it's not yet time for the Tribulation to begin, but going by Israel ( God's timeline) it can happen at any moment.

  8. You guys are fucking idiots. It is a pandemic, you expect them to have done the normal amount of testing possible in the tiny amount of time they had? Honestly, you're fucking stupid and it's embarassing y

  9. Typical clinical trials last years, sometimes 10-12 years for vaccinations. So why should I be concerned when this one was pushed thru in 7 months? Common sense, that's why.

  10. They didn't need the v for the c they needed the C for the V!!! The amount they pushed out in the first months with no new factories or production lines was impossible unless they already had them stockpiled!!! This is one of the most EVIL things ever perpetrated on the worlds population!!! Nuremberg 2.0!!!

  11. Whats going to happen with the covid takers dna? Will the messed up dna codes be passed on through their unborn children? We should have clean dna passports instead. Haha Our children might have to be cautious choosing life partners.

  12. I herd it also affect people hart if they excercise heavily after getting vaccine: mostly becouse it is live virus that was generically modified and affect people as live virus

  13. In Europe there are stories of women in their 20's and 30's who has menopause after taking this things. And in Europe too our governments tried to minimize this catastrophy. The women who are victims of this abomination are not heard or they try to silent them saying they are hysterical or have some hormonal issues before the vaccine. This is the world we are living in.

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