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Oh SH*T they think Putin is bluffing and they’re pushing nuclear war. | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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The west is pushing for a nuclear war with Russia. Vladimir Putin just told us exactly what he plans to do with the launch of the next phase of this war. Globalists are destroying the food supply on purpose as the WEF moves in on small farmers.Pfizer backs out of EU hearings. What are they hiding?

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  1. Western Liberal fascist have been backing Putin into a corner for years and guess what ? Liberal fascist elite think it's now time to reduce world population,afteral these fascist world brokers have had more than enough time to build plenty of underground protection for there own.

  2. I think EVERYONE but me is misreading Putins Comments.
    Putty has shown great restraint throughout this war up until now because he hasn't used his airforce.
    I think this is what is coming next and if he brings that heat, believe, he won't need nukes and this title for tat is over very soon.
    The great Zilislinky will be groveling ao his knees.

  3. Clayton my kids compartmentalize all this stuff. They feel like nothing will likely happen any way and that there is nothing they can do about it anyway. (Like the year 2000 and other things in history). Feeling like there is no choice as they have to go to work so stuck in the rat race and powerless over it all. I think they also don’t really have the time and energy to dig into what’s really going on either, and just to feel helpless about it all, why bother. Interesting times for sure.

  4. The Russians won’t use plutonium based nukes. Those are defined, have a huge psychological taboo and would cross the, “no-no line.” They’ll use low yield, low concussion Neutrons which kill troops but leave infrastructure intact, and the nasty residue has a half-life of only six months. These are the weapons Putin has been tip-toeing around with metaphors, and they’ve been around for decades.

  5. This is what happens when you have a butt-hurt juvenile society that act like spoiled children… anything you say that upsets them or that they don't want to hear is grounds for a tantrum. It's SO PATHETIC that our society has devolved to this point. Sooner or later we're going to be faced with an ADULT society that can accept life and reality as it IS, rather than the candy-coated fake reality that our society is hopelessly addicted to and wants to banish all other viewpoints, and that society is going to crush us like a bug. People are REALLY going to be offended when that happens, but OH WELL it'll be for their own good… same as when an adult parent corrects or punishes an unruly brattish CHILD who doesn't know how to behave properly, or simply refuses to…

  6. He hasn't Even started yet unwinkable war Russia's not going away And hes not gonna drop anything🔥 Weapons of Mass or any other sort In his own back Yard hes gonna drop it somewhere else Also cyber attacks We've already experienced those Is from Russia so they say🦃

  7. It bothers me no end that the UN goes out and tells us that they own the science! How can they say that? Have they no understanding of science? Ask the scientists instead and you will hear what they have to say about such a horrible statement.

    What would be correct of her to say is :' We now own and control the information you will get, true or untrue? It doesn't matter. We will promote what ever our handlers tell us to promote.'

  8. Politicians crack me up you don’t know what’s going through another man’s head and how he may respond I don’t care how much technology you have feeding you information.

  9. Hey bud… No your right… I didn't get it either but… And I know everyone has basically shut up about it now, Some have come put and said basically You those that stood your ground and didn't get the shot.. You where right and even after all the hazing from all Pro Shot people… You remained solid in your beliefs and wish they had done the same… and waited. But that Fear Scared people into it, and the 2nd, 3rd and so on , so many ran out to get in line like they wanted, They Needed to be 1st to get these Vaccines. If this is not a lesson to us all…?? It needs to be. Regardless of whom you are.

  10. Ice age is coming guys and girls. Regardless if what people say. Its coming… they will probably have a Nuclear Exchange just to blame something other than the truth which is.. its a normal cycle of our planet. We just happen to be at the time point when its coming again… or an ice age type event, mini ice age perhaps either way… its about here. So governments always try to control all the narratives for everything. Including Climate change. Which they called Global Warming for years. I said they would change their wording to climate change instead of Global Warming, that way they can Say… after when it gets to To Cold to grow food outside.. etc… They can say: We said Climate Change and the Cold weather is a change from the hot weather. Lol… The Games they Play.

  11. Strikes me funny how these bureaucratic politicians believe their own bullshit, Or is it that their address talking their crap because they know the average person out here doesn’t take the time to read between the lines and understand exactly what he’s saying.

  12. CO2 Levels use to be very very very high. And plants, trees, Insects, animals, ( even people im sure ) Where all much much much larger than they have bn for thousands of years , Since the last major Cycle Change. Trees must have been just so massive.

  13. He’s not an expert in the sense of really understanding what’s going on because he has no way to read Putin’s mind but he is an expert in his own delusional thoughts

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