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September Community & Development Update | by Qtum | Oct, 2022

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September Community & Development Update | by Qtum | Oct, 2022

Qtum celebrated its 5th anniversary on September 13, 2022! Thank you to everyone who has supported us and will continue to support us in our journey. Let’s find out what all the team was up to in September, starting with our staking results.

  • Total Unique Staker Addresses: 1,352
  • Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 278
  • Total Unique Super Stakers: 23
  • QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 40,498.5

We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month.

The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers for this contest.

#1 NINja#7039 on PoS vs PoW

Overall I think proof of stake is better than proof of work because from what I understand it is a lot faster to complete transactions and it also a lot cheaper because it consumes less power in the process of validation Topic #1: I welcome the Janus project on the Qtum blockchain. I believe that any project that makes it easier to interact with other blockchains would be beneficial and increase greatly the awareness of the awesome Quantum Blockchain. I want to see more bridging dapps

#2 sophiaa00#9750 on Taproot

With this update, the number of data and transactions that will take place on the blockchain will decrease. It will allow lower transaction fees and will allow more transactions for blocks as the number of transactions will decrease. Using Taproot will make Bitcoin multi-signature transactions cheaper, more private, and easier to deploy. This will increase the flexibility of smart contracts executed over the Bitcoin blockchain and provide more privacy by making the transactions made by smart contract users look like normal Bitcoin transactions.

“Taproot Update” will provide privacy and flexibility advantages in this regard. In this context, if the miners integrate the Taproot update into the network, the biggest change will be experienced on the network and the most hidden network level that can occur will be reached. Taproot will aggregate payment methods based on payment and scenario status and make all outputs look the same.

#3 moonland12#7645 on crypto adoption in Turkey.

In this country where Europe and Asia intersect, crypto companies have grown so much that they sponsor national football teams, while football clubs also offer blockchain-based fan tokens. (Galatasaray fenerbahce adanademirspor ) Some Turks have been on the record saying that Bitcoin is their primary investment alternative. This is hardly surprising given the country’s $300 million worth of Bitcoin earnings over the past year. and there are also many crypto exchanges in turkey (btcturk icxprex paribu), which has a lot of factors in the rapid adoption of crypto by the Turks and quickly Turkey warmed up to crypto.

#4 Sandy♥vah#4781 on Qtum

First of all, security and stability are important in blockchains. In unstable structures, the probability of loss and loss of earnings is at a high level. Thanks to the processing interval fixed at 32 seconds, incoming packets were processed at a fixed interval. Stability against external factors was ensured by increasing security. And similar transactions are all done for the user and the investor to make safe transactions in the short and long term.

The only thing I can say I wish it were the old one was the block reward. Block reward decreased from 4 to 1. I wish there were a block reward as it is now. Maybe there is terminology, you know. The benefit is monitored at the rate of transaction speed per second. Currently, the TPS rate is at 70 in the Qtum block, which is substantial and good. Speaking of mining, Beyond power mining (POW), there is a more stable inflation challenge with POS. In addition, contributing to nature is the seed planted for the future. Maybe you didn’t notice in the bear market right now because of your losses. But I recommend joining Qtum. You will see the decline rates and recovery speed. We are a big family and will always live with developing technologies. Thank you.

#5 En_Eye#8674 on what they look for in crypto and the metaverse hype

Topic #1: This must sound crazy, but I tend to buy a cryptocurrency initially on impulse based on ‘unimportant’ things such as aesthetics such as the symbol or graphics of the coin. However, I tend to do more research on the blockchain ecosystem to continue buying the token. If I don’t see a good Dev team or a good philosophy or ideology guiding the cryptocurrency, then I will likely dump it. If I see a convincing story behind the crypto, then I will likely continue buying and hodling or staking if available. This is exactly what drew me to Qtum. I loved the graphics and name of the token and bought it on impulse. Subsequently, I researched it and loved what I saw, and decided to stick with it for the long term with more buys and stakes.

Topic #2: I believe the Metaverse hype is over. I never bought into the hype because I immediately drew a link between it and gaming, and I am not a gamer, and I’m not interested in gaming. In reality, I know it is possible to link the Metaverse and its related technologies to the medical science field but I don’t think that case has been strongly made to date, so I am not interested. I also think that the Metaverse hype has been adversely affected by the bearish market conditions currently affecting the crypto industry. My final thoughts on this are that there may still be a chance at resuscitation of the Metaverse hype when the market turns around and enters the bullish direction. This would, in my opinion, only happen if a better use case for the Metaverse is promoted. The gaming industry connection alone would not be enough to reverse this.

Here are the top 5 memes from our content contest:

#1 erlikwindsteel#2839


#2 zef#7599


#3 selim1453#0287


#4 oslo#2136


#5 x_man#7846


The Qtum team is happy to share that we’ve successfully combined Taproot with the EVM. Read more about it here:


Qtum is proud to be a sponsor of one of the biggest crypto hackathon events of the year. The event started at Consensus 2022 on June 9th. Coders, designers, community organizers, policymakers, economists, urban planners, and artists worldwide will gather to discuss potential innovative solutions to global problems. The deadline for submission was extended to September 20. Stay tuned to know the winners.

Qtum is proud to partner up with Moonland Meta. Check out this video below to know more about Moonland:

Qtum Successfully Combines Taproot With EVM


Into the FastLane


Qtum participated in two major conferences this past month.

Messari Mainnet

The Qtum team attended Messari Mainnet 2022 this month. Huge shoutout to the Messari team for arranging the conference.


Global Blockchain Summit

Qtum joined the Eighth Global Blockchain Summit as a Platinum Sponsor. Shoutout to Wanxiang Blockchain.


Continue work updating Qtum Core with Bitcoin version 23 functionality https://github.com/qtumproject/qtum/tree/time/core23

Enhancements to Qtum Janus.

Preparing Qnekt for internal alpha test and public community beta test campaign.

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