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The WEF plan to REMAKE America just got a HUGE boost from Putin | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Vladimir Putin has condemned the World Economic Forum and Klaus Schwab’s plan to transition the world away from fossil fuels. And Putin is about to turn off the spigot for nuclear energy to western countries.

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  1. I do hate to say it, but some of those huge American farms do need to end. We have known this a long time. The GMOs were the start of them owning everything. A very good film is Consumed, about the horror so many faced when GMOS gave them allergy issues and shut organic farms down.

  2. I agree with all you said the WEF/globalists can go expletive themselves. A life under Ass Schwab's Great Reset will not be much of a life at all. Still getting a Tesla though they are cool.

  3. the factory farms produce poison. let them die…………your garden , chicken pigs one cow is your food store non gmo organic safe fresh food.. people in concentraded apartments do community .coop
    parks………………stop whining like toddlers for ''feed me mommy' grow up.

  4. When the Bolsheviks gave up in the 80's we bought most of their nuclear weapons and took them apart and stored them in 50 gallon steel drums and stored them in s. e. states outside in the rain. don't know if they buried them or not. ,,. so we probably got enough enriched uranium.

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