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Did 60 Minutes EXPOSE Ukraine’s SECRET weapon? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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“60 Minutes did a lovefest piece (https://www.cbs.com/shows/video/s5yZbBJpdcwzzTZNcFXcAeth92BWtVzV/)

on Ukrainian First Lady Olena Zelenska, which begs the question: Where are the segments on other first ladies from wartorn countries? We could name a few but the West’s bias towards Ukraine for purposes of war with Russia are clear and present danger.

Meanwhile, guess who else is fed up with the media? Former President Trump. He filed a lawsuit against CNN on Monday asking for $75,000 in damages.


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  1. Western media has ignored the original referendum held in 2015 where 8 years before the invasion the people overwhelmingly voted to leave Ukraine and rejoin Russia. Over 90% voted to leave but now western media says the latest vote is tainted

  2. MSM, seems to think Everyone they put their "Puff" news out to, is as stupid as they are. It's more about "entertainment", than actual news…

    Right now, they're more worried about covering the "Rust" shooting, and a, "chess cheater", than anything that actually is important… This, is the "National News Report"… Not Local…

    I guess ALDIX BALLSKIN is more important than what's really going on in the world.

  3. Ukraine doesn't need to give up any land. People have the right to leave if they want to go to Russia. Doesn't mean Ukraine gives up land because their people feel a certain way.

  4. Invasion of Iraq? What about who was really behind Sept 11? The whole ''Dancing Israelis, Urban Moving Systems'' angle was dropped within the first few days by EVERYBODY in the media. The explosions recorded from inside the WTC , as firefighters entered the lobby… that was all dubbed over and deleted from every online platform. 'The explosions were actually 'Bodies hitting the pavement'' was how the media spun that story. The problem with that argument was At that point not a single person had jumped!!

  5. 60 minutes was held up as a bastion of real journalism?

    Back in the '80s John Stossel did a hit-piece attacking WWF because they pretended wrestling was real. Wow, there were probably a bunch of corrupt politicians he could have gone after, instead he tries to destroy the livelihood of some guys who wrestle for a living. That's 60 minutes.

  6. It wouldn’t be the first time the mute the news media has like vital information slip to the enemy remember the old saying in World War II lip loose lips sink ships

  7. 60 minutes and the rest of them…cnn Fox etc are just on the payroll of the giant psyops program of the state department narratives. All propogandized. .all of it.

  8. Hi Clayton.

    Just subscribed so I can correct you on the Cuban missile crisis.

    The US put missiles in Turkey, the USSR retaliated by putting missiles in Cuba.

    An agreement was made for the USSR to remove their missiles under the full glare of the worlds media and the US quietly removed theirs from Turkey, no media.


  9. Wallstreet media gotta sell wallstreet Rockets to themselves internationally!!!
    Thanks suckers, might want to check if you still have a pension. Wallstreets betting retirements you will not live to see retirement. Banks are getting bailouts like 2008 X 500 soon. Pray for an end to greed and USERY. I pray for peace.
    Half a story never tells an entire truth.
    Read Canada's Bill C-51

  10. Thinking about the US wanting Syrian oil: are we just not using our own so that we're the last ones to have it when everybody else runs out? The government obviously doesn't *actually care about the environment or populace's opinions beyond voting trends, so why not drill and refine here? The only logic that comes to mind under the circumstances as I understand them is a lack mentality, hoarding, and (knowing our elected officials behavior in the stock market) they could be reserving that oil til there's an induced or natural shortage and can charge a premium, enslaving everyone even more deeply through cost of living.

  11. Ha, Zelenskaya didn't mention how much she spent on diamonds in South of France, she didn't show her expensive villa in France, she left Ukraine and has luxury life.

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