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Wait, what the F*CK did he just say about oil prices? | Redacted with Natali and Clayton Morris

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Get ready for $12 per gallon gas! That is what the chair of a major gas company said on Tuesday at an Energy Intelligence Forum in London on Tuesday. And, following that prediction, OPEC+ cut gas supply to the world by 2%. OPEC nations met in Vienna on Wednesday and voted to cut global exports of gas from each member state in response to the price per barrel plummeting in recent weeks. This is due to decreased demand, which has been largely brought on by Western sanctions.

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  1. US and EU should just lift sanctions on Russia and oil prices will come down. And they pretend its Russia's fault 😅, Russia did not cause the prices to go up. It is the West themselves yet like they always do, blame their problems on others

  2. Redacted, the consumers, the adults/parents, can stop collaborating with the fossil fuel nazis to exterminate the children of humanity and creation
    The consumers can switch over to the light based economy,society and culture and start protecting the children of humanity and creation from the nazis
    Simple, fight for the children of humanity and creation or help the nazis to murder them

  3. Do you all realize how crooked these Elite's of the world are? Before they can bring in I2 dollar gas, they get a large part of the work force to work at home, this will make the transition easier. Covid really brought all their narratives to pass.

    REPENT the Kingdom of Heaven is at Hand. But first the Mark of the Beast. what will you choose?

  4. And the Biden Administration could go back to producing oil and processing it, as we did under the Trump Administration, and become the #1 oil producer and exporter in the world…but the Biden Administration won't do it because, it would be admitting failure !

  5. But why would the Administration be asking for more oil from Opec+?
    Is the strategic reserve almost empty?
    I thought the U.S. was going green anyway. Guess not….

  6. The only reason that biden's administration cares at all is because of the midterm elections coming up. After that $12 a gallon means nothing to them. I guess the strategic reserve is running down and they are unable to sustain the lower prices using up what Trump built up.

  7. i bet the usa is kicking themselves over selling their oil reserves to china . ah who am i kidding the yanks have no clue about what their potato admin are doing to the country . i watch people interview yanks im shocked that they can remember to breath . they are blind deaf and mute most of them .

  8. Redacted, you have some very twisted logic if you think the CONSUMERS are the losers, the children of humanity and creation are the losers, the adults/parents are sacrificing them to maintain their lifestyle and contributing to the atmospheric gas chamber to exterminate them

  9. Yep and still the pussies in this country didn't do anything to stop it this all created, and could of been
    prevented, that's what happens when you have a country full of cowards I never thought that America was like that boy was I wrong, and now the damage is already been done, and it's impossible to reverse. It's just a waiting game for everything to officially collapse, this time next year 50% of Americans will be dead from the clot shot, to the food shortage, to the power shortage, to lawlessness and probably a nuclear war which seems to be right around the corner as well! WHATEVER LET'S GET ON WITH IT THEN I'M TIRED OF WAITING FOR IT!!!!

  10. Redacted, why are you protecting and complaining about the thing that is murdering the children of humanity and creation
    What do you think the world will be like for the children when the average global temperature rises another 0.5c, 1c, 1.5c
    Do you even care

  11. At the press conference, the question to ask was: When is it that you lie? Are you lying to us now or was it when you told the contrary some time earlier? Just to make it clear so that we could get it wright later in the news!

  12. Consumers dont buy our gas because its to exspenaive, we need more $ raise the prices….. meanwhile people be like, time to ride bikes, buy a tesla, ride the city bus, walk. It wont be long and the gas nations go broke.

  13. In Los Angeles according to AAA today's gas price is $6.48. With this news we will be paying twice that because Biden has the need to talk tough about Russia and Saudi Arabia. I see this as them giving us the middle finger. Who's getting sanctioned now?

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