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Pirate Chain Newsletter -September Edition | by AnARRRKey | Pirate Chain | Oct, 2022

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Ahoy Pirates! The news of our hardware wallet made waves at the Dollar Vigilante Hardware Summit! You can order it right now with a $50 discount (details below). Mullroy, we salute your outstanding work!

We anticipate the ETH network wARRR to be included in https://balancer.fi/ by the end of this month. Additionally, the Pirate Life Casino will be launching a lottery game this month.

The picture-uploading process and other such features are continually being reviewed and improved on our brand-new classified website, bARRRter.com.

In a letter they issued, Kucoin Exchange advised us to increase ARRR’s volume in order to maintain its listing with them.

Ahoy! wARRR is now coming to Ethereum! The wrapped ARRR in the ETH network is currently being given its final details. The contract, which will demonstrate that considerable security precautions have been taken, will be posted publicly in the upcoming week, similar to our previous wARRR BSC version. There will be no mining and, as previously, a predetermined amount of ARRR (a portion of the total ARRR in existence) will be distributed in a vault. This offers complete and total control over the location of every single ARRR as well as a fortified defense in the event that the Gateway is compromised.

The ETH wARRR will be identical in all staking amounts, even in the vault amount aspects, as our BSC version. The only difference is the DEX listing host. ETH wARRR will be listed at https://balancer.fi/ .

The Balancer Protocol is a core building block of DeFi infrastructure — a unique financial primitive and permissionless development platform.

Balancer provides a protocol for programmable liquidity to builders, Decentralized trades at optimal prices for traders, and a Portfolio that generates yield and rebalance automatically to investors.

Hardware Wallet

It is finally here! Ahoy Pirates! ! For a preorder and a pre-marketing overview of our unique, totally secure Hardware Wallet, click the video up top! The first 1000 preorders will be discounted by $50. Consult the instructions in the bARRRter section or in the video itself. Don’t miss it!

Change Now Exchange

An official listing of wARRR in this exchange. In addition to being able to purchase wARRR using a VISA or MasterCard in this non-custodial exchange, you may instantly trade wARRR with roughly 700 different coins, tokens, and assets.

As of 10/6/22, their website contains a typo: ARRR is displayed in place of wARRR. Please don’t send ARRR to this exchange.

Polarity Exchange

Ahoy! Your credit or debit card is now accepted by Polarity, the one-penny transaction exchange, for cryptocurrency purchases. You may now view the location status of your deposits and withdrawals thanks to system upgrades. The addition of widgets to their desktop version allows you to easily view your transactions from the dash and makes deposits faster without the need for memos.

Work continues on partnership integrations with AtomicDEX, Edge wallet, as well as other multi-coin wallets and exchanges.

#Texas Couture Hair in 18333 Egret Bay Boulevard Suite 111 Houston, TX 77058

Texas Couture Hair

Are you close to the Houston area? If you’re nearby the Houston area, come and support our newest member Ella at Texas Couture Hair, who is now accepting $ARRR for your cosmetic needs.

Pirate Coin ARRR Lapel Pins

Use a metal pin to flaunt your sense of adventure. These fantastic, well-made pins are created by our mates at PirateBox, who are now accepting ARRR as payment.

On Black Friday, bARRRter.com is offering a fantastic deal with a free sticker for you! Here are more specifics about their advertisement:


To shop at their online store, go to:

Pirate Chain Hardware Wallet

Cheers, Pirates! Pre-orders for our Hardware Wallet now have a $50 discount off the retail price! Visit Mullroy’s listing on bARRRter.com to purchase it directly from the author. Act immediately because the offer ends once 1000 units have been sold.

Pirate Life Casino Lottery

The People’s Lottery is undergoing testing for final details, glitches, and security measures. It’ll probably be done by the middle of October. There is definitely excitement around! Pirate life Casino has built a fair and generous lottery! A guarantee to always win at least 10 times more (if you are the only player that is), an accumulation award for the following draw if no one hits it, and 90% to the pot and 10% going to PirateChain’s founding per ticket sold is also included. Plus a free-of-tax lottery!

Play our available games, including Caribbean Stud Poker, roulette, slots, and craps at: https://piratelife.casino/Games Good Luck!

Monthly Update

Captain Dreath provides a great and concise report on all that has happened over the previous month and what exciting events are about to approach our Pirate Family in the video up above.

Abundance Building Concepts

How about buying a house using cryptocurrency? Starting in November, you’ll be able to buy it with ARRR or Qort. Watch the interview Legend LooTZ gave to ABC in the video up top to learn more about this producer of prefabricated homes that is changing the landscape with its inexpensive, adorable, and durable homes.

Their website can be found at https://abundance.build/

Crypto Rich

Crypto Rich comes aboard our ship and conducts a thorough investigation of both the present state of the crypto world and the core of our philosophy. He discovers the treasure the Pirate Chain is carefully guarded and poised to hand over to a fully subjugated humanity following the CBDCs’ attack on us. ARRR!

Here is the link to Crypto Rich’s channel:

Birdog The Crypto Ronin

Look at this conversation about Pirate Chain. While educating you on the foundations of our privacy system, its members candidly express their intrinsic concerns about the wrongdoings of the powers that shouldn’t be.

James Hndrxx

You’re not really into technology, are you? Check out the basic description of how Pirate Chain works and how it differs from other privacy coins in the video up top. Without a lot of the underlying technical aspects, it is clearly described.

Has Privacy Become A Luxury?

Read our most recent digest below and learn more about how the financial landscape of today is rapidly giving privacy a significant place in how we finance and perhaps even interact as a society.

Join our official Telegram ARRRmada and bARRRter 🏴‍☠️ mARRRketplace 🛒 !

Share your offers and wants with everyone in our official Telegram group!

Currently, The LooTz Show is looking for a platform that is less susceptible to censorship. This is due to the recent banning of many of our guests’ entire Discord accounts for disseminating ‘’misleading’’ info. You can be confident that we’ll be back with solutions to this issue. Nevertheless, the show keeps showing whenever it is feasible. At Pirate Chain, it is what we do.

September passed with few globally anticipated economic developments taking place as predicted. Yet the geopolitical, economic, and cultural landscape continues to change, and we are closely monitoring it while flying the privacy flag for everyone to see. ARRR!!!


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