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Housing Market: Is The Bubble Popping?! How Low Will It GO?!

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UK Disaster 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ib5SToFjtYQ
Property Market Dynamics 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VRrnpU49wus


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RBC Report: https://thoughtleadership.rbc.com/buying-a-home-has-never-been-so-unaffordable-in-canada/
Toronto Home Prices: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-10-05/toronto-home-prices-are-down-17-as-sales-and-listings-plunge
US Home price analysts: https://fortune.com/2022/10/03/housing-market-wall-street-home-prices-predictions-moodys-goldman-sachs-morgan-stanley-fitch-ratings/
20% Fall: https://www.cbsnews.com/news/house-price-fall-drop-2023-mortgages/
US Home Builder Sentiment Falling: https://www.reuters.com/markets/us/us-home-builder-sentiment-falls-10th-straight-month-nahb-2022-10-18/
Canada ARMs: https://financialpost.com/real-estate/mortgages/housing-mortgage-sector-bank-of-canada-rate-hike
UK Banks & Rates: https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/uk-banks-start-cutting-truss-premium-mortgage-rates-slowly-2022-10-27/
UK House Prices to Fall: https://www.theguardian.com/money/2022/sep/28/uk-house-prices-predicted-fall-mortgage-interest-rate
Bank of England Raise Rates: https://www.reuters.com/world/uk/bank-england-poised-raise-rates-by-most-33-years-2022-10-28/


0:00 Intro
0:33 US Housing Market
5:21 Analyst Estimates
10:39 Canada Housing Bubble
15:54 UK Housing Market
20:33 Final Thoughts


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  1. We are still very busy in the real estate market here in Alberta, Canada. Our dynamic is an interesting one, we have many buyers migrating from the coasts to our affordable province. Yes, we are very lucky!

  2. Guy! I personally cannot thank you enough for mentioning the Canadian housing bubble. It is so hard to get even the most basic of 1 Bdrm Apt here let alone an entire house. It's depressing on top of that the high taxes and weak loonie, it has been insane….I picked a really bad time to get my S*** together haha, Jokes aside shout out to you for giving this mention i feel like not enough people outside of Canada really know how bad it is. most people will just say "bUt U hAvE fReE hEaL" NO NO NO ! it's not free we get pimped out by the government for it.

  3. Im in vancouver guy, sales slower but average price of a detached house that needs renos is 2 mil. They are still sellin just taking longer 🤢 i have seen slight price correction 40 mins inland from where i live. Canadians do not believe the prices.wil drop but more level out . There is so much wealth in vancouver too and little inventory sellers seems happy to just hold til things come bavk around

  4. Even though I have family members who I don’t wish harm on, I hope for my ahole landlords sake we experience a biblical crash in Commiefornia.. so many landlords evicting perfectly good long term tenants out of pure greed and evil.

  5. Checking in from Langley BC Canada (about 45 minutes down the highway East of Vancouver). There are hardly and for sale signs right now as people could not sell for the price that they wanted and have taken them off of the market. They are likely hoping that the market will turn around in the spring and try again, but that does not seem too likely right now.

  6. It could be worse. You could own property in Auckland, NZ. Stupidly over leveraged market based on cheap foreign money. On the slide. Hard to know where the bottom will be…

  7. Guy the only thing that could make your videos better is if that was a marijuana plant in the corner instead of a ficus:-). Yeah I don't actually know if it's a ficus or not I just thought it sounded good I'm sure somebody will correct me but I still think my original motion stands:-)

  8. Looking for some good advice here. I’m in my 30s and have 1 sister. My parents had their first property fully paid almost 2 decades ago. Then 2 others were inherited. 2 years ago when intrest rates were low, I left their house and wanted to buy an apartment. My father objected heavily. He insisted that me and my fiancé would rent first, to test our relationship. We both did not agree, but complied because of all kinds of pressure. We are now 20 months later and intrest rates have gone through the roof. Taking on a mortgage is now completely off the table. I see 3 remaining options: 1) wait until I inherit at least 1 of the 3 properties, and pay rent in the mean time. 2) rent one of the 3 properties of my parents, and deduct the total amount of rent paid off the buying price when I choose to purchase in 10-15 years. 3) Leave the country with my fiancé, and move in with her in South America.

  9. As a young Canadian adult, I do not want house prices to fall. While yes, it would benifit me, it would cause harm to the greater family. I should never put my needs above that of the family.

    Anyways as it stands I wont have to be renting for much longer, even in this economy business is booming. Maybe it's the Q4 peak before a long cold winter, but nonetheless I an not concerned with the economy. If anything I find it rather entertaining watching everything collapse, it's so much more interesting living in a recession, I absolutely love it.

  10. The reason home prices are so absurd it's because we have an unfair Market competitor. Why is Black Rock even allowed to buy residential homes?

    If they want to buy property apartment buildings/luxury condos that's fair game. No individual person has the ability to do that unless they are Rockstar or professional athlete.

    Hopefully there can be some trust busting and anti-Monopoly legislature passed against them.

  11. I live close to Vancouver and the increase in housing prices have been extraordinary. Foreign investors buy up everything for top dollar and that top dollar just climbs and climbs. Bobble pop has to come eventually and it happens to be good timing for me as someone looking to buy.

  12. I bought a house in the US back in 2001 when the rate was 7.25%, the house was on a fixed rate, but I made the mistake of getting an ARM loan to renovate my home, I'll never do that again and highly recommend others stay away from those ARM loans, it nearly bankrupted us, but luckily the market climbed and the price of our home doubled by 2014 when we sold.

  13. Bring it on. Here in the UK many can not afford sky hire mortgages and rental fees. Big investors keep snapping up availability and renting out raking in big profits

  14. the interest on my mortgage has just jumped from 2% to 4% (Spain) which has somehow translated into a 10% increase in my monthly payments. luckily its a small mortgage..

  15. I have a query about demand. In UK we have a housing shortage. Big volume house builder's in many highly populated areas have been prevented from building (2021 onwards) due to EU legislation affecting phosphate levels in rivers so no mains sewerage connection allowed by Water company's who can not meet new code. This unresolved issue exaserbates an existing lack of housing. Demand remains high with no resolution in site for 3 -5 years. As demand stays high and supply stays low in specific areas surely this will mean existing house prices will be more resilient ?

  16. The wealthy will continue to buy assets as inequality increases, costs of those assets will continue to rise unless there are serious attempts at taking money back from rich people through taxation. Price rises will slow and maybe go down slightly… but wider picture is they’re all going up and up. Mortgage rates increase, homes are given up, the kids of the rich buy your mums house.

  17. Like many, I have been waiting for sensible interest rates for years. Bring it on. They left it far too long and should have raised them a long time ago. IMO in the UK we need a 50% property price crash and a very large rate increase to 1980s levels to bring some sanity to the situation. People will suffer but they brought it on themselves by wanting ridiculously low interest rates.

  18. 7 pc fall next year is laugahble, in the real world prices are already down by 10pc ffs. Houses will reset to 2013 levels, housing cycles last 7/8 years and this tanking is overdue and only just get started. Thank god for it. Btw nobody takes any notice of goldman for heavens sake. Did any of these banks you quote see the property crash of 07/2012 coming? No.

  19. The prices here in Ventura County went stupid high caisr of low intetedt rates. The monthly paument that could buy a $800k 3 bd 60s house now can only buy $400 3 bd 1960s house. So, prices will come down thereby trapping many w a Large mortgage which many will default on. And round and round we go on the Fed merry go round.

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