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Fundraising Resources for Web3 Founders

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In our previous article, Early-Stage Web3 Startup Funding: An Introduction, we linked to examples of different types of funding sources, such as investing DAOs and grant programs. In this followup, we want to focus on sharing more resources that cover all aspects of the fundraising journey.

We’ve curated a list of fundraising resources for crypto startups that is organized into two main sections: preparation and execution. Since context is always helpful, we’ve also added metadata such as publish date, read time, and source.

While we don’t necessarily endorse or agree with the opinions expressed by the authors of these resources, they help to give founders a good overview of the different perspectives on fundraising. These resources do not, and are not intended to, constitute professional or financial advice; instead, all of the resources available below are for general informational purposes only.

Preparing for the Fundraising Process

Most successful founders prepare thoroughly before they start fundraising discussions. This preparation involves working out exactly what they want, how much they’re worth, and what they plan to achieve. The results are crystalized across various documents and collateral. The following section contains a list of resources to help you get through this process, including structured information such as business planning as well as more persuasive content such as pitch decks.

Setting Fundraising Goals and Valuing a Project

To start, you need to have a fundraising goal—a target amount that you want to raise. And if you intend to approach VCs, you also need to have an idea of how much your project is worth. These resources help you arrive at these numbers.

Writing a Business Plan and Financial Forecast

A business plan shows investors how you’ll deploy the funds that you raise and how you plan to give them a return. Detailed Web3-oriented business plan templates are still thin on the ground, but there are plenty out there for traditional startups that can be adapted for Web3.

Creating a Pitch Deck

Before you approach investors, you’ll need a compelling pitch deck that you can repurpose for different types of pitch meetings. This section provides examples and guidelines on how to create a good pitch deck.

Tokenomics and Equity Allocation

You’ll need to have a good idea of your preferred deal structure before you start approaching VCs. This section focuses on approaches to allocating equity in your Web3 startup.

Executing The Fundraising Process

Once you have the essential documentation and pitching collateral, you’ll need to start contacting investors and making your case. This section provides you with the resources to help you start the process. It covers the two most popular fundraising paths: VC funding and crowdfunding. 

Regardless of which path you choose, you’ll need to communicate your project’s vision and long-term roadmap in a succinct and compelling way.

General Fundraising Advice

These resources concern the overall process of fundraising, including the different types of funding rounds and the pitching process.

Venture Capital—Finding and Approaching VCs

A list of resources that relate specifically to dealing with professional investors such as VCs and angel investors. The focus here is how to make first contact and how to get your ideas across effectively.

Crowdfunding—Examples and Guides

Since crowdfunding in Web3 is still evolving, these resources focus on examples of how specific Web3 startups raised funds through decentralized sources.

That concludes our list for now. We hope this structured approach helps to guide your fundraising research. However, lists like these are only a snapshot in time. To stay up-to-date, we’d recommend joining a founder’s community where you can pool resources and work on a knowledge repository together.

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