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October Community & Development Update | by Qtum | Nov, 2022

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Qtum’s October was highlighted by metaverse and layer-2 projects. Plus, we also increased our presence with the CoinMarketCap Community! However, before we get into all this, let’s start with our staking results.

● Total Unique Staking Addresses: 1,397

● Total Unique Delegated Addresses: 289

● Total Unique Super Stakers: 24

● QTUM Awarded to Stakers: 41,849

We did our monthly Topic and Content contests with our community members. Qtum has the privilege of having a brilliant and highly active community. Here is what they came up with this month.

The “Topic Contest” was exclusive to our Discord members. The idea was to provide our members with different questions and reward those who gave the best answers. Let’s go through the top five best answers for this contest.

#1 Eigs#8867 on Qtum community

“I’m sure the Qtum community really makes itself felt everywhere and is very supportive. I think Qtum is in a great organization in terms of development updates, constant notification of members, and getting people introduced to this project in a variety of ways. I can observe that Qtum is improving day by day. As members of this community, information is transferred from all kinds of places so that we can be informed of the necessary information and updates, this is a good situation thank you qtum team.”

#2 julian888#5800 on their country

“Hi friends, my name is Julian, I’m from Indonesia.

Indonesia is unique with various races, ethnicities, cultures and religions. The majority of Indonesians are Muslim with almost 88%. Indonesia is a country located in Southeast Asia, which consists of thousands of islands. Indonesia is also famous for its tourism, many tourists who come from the country .. The most famous of Indonesian tourism is its beaches and culinary.

Examples are the island of Lombok and the island of Bali which are famous for their beaches among foreign tourists, and the famous culinary from Indonesia is rendang, which is a typical food from the Minangkabau tribe and is one of the most delicious foods in the world, you can see it on google. Recently, Indonesia also inaugurated the MotoGP circuit, namely the Mandalika Circuit which is located on the island of Lombok, this circuit is next to a beautiful beach.

That’s a little glimpse of Indonesia, there are still many unique things from Indonesia, you can search for it on Google because I’m tired of typing and as an offering I show pictures of the beauty of Indonesia.

Thank you.”

#3 Uğur#1971 on their country and Qtum Moonland

#Topic 1:

“Greetings to everyone, today I will tell you about Turkey and Istanbul. Istanbul 2. it is known as the continental city. Due to its location, it has been a bridge to the European and Asian continents. It has been the capital of the great empires, the Roman Empire, the Byzantine Empire and the Ottoman Empire for many years. Therefore, over time, the city has become acquainted with many cultures and the cosmopolitan structure of the city has been known for a long time. There are 81 cities in our country. I had the opportunity to visit 45 of them. Due to its proximity to both Africa and the West, this region (the Middle East) has seen constant wars and has received migrations. At the moment, about 10 million registered and unregistered migrants were living there due to the Ukrainian-Russian war, the Syrian civil war, which caused cultural change in some regions of the country. It is also considered the capital of Orthodox Christians. Although the religion of the country is Islam, it is easy to reach Churches and Synagogues and worship can be done. In general, due to its structure, Turkey is known for its dynamic and cultural richness.”

#Topic 2:

“I find the partnership of Qtum and moonland successful. Moonland’s entry into the Nft metaverse world can help both sides achieve faster success. Moonland is behind the rising sun of the new world, and any support from a powerful technology like Qtum will move the project forward. Of course, all this will benefit Qtum, will increase its recognition in crypto and nft.”

#4 Sandryone#7538 on Qtum Wallet

I love qtum web wallet.

You open a new wallet immediately. And you can easily store the installation file on USB or in another medium. In addition, the privilege that immediately catches your attention when you enter it is NFT creation. Our community had the chance to test this NFT generation process with multiple events. (CryptoCanvas)

During the restoration phase, there is also a chance to log in via WIF.

You have the opportunity to make offline and online connections. Entering with Memoric is a feature available in other wallets. This feature is also omitted. The secure sending feature is complete security. We should not forget about your chance to stake. You can access this wallet from anywhere with internet without the need for any other application. You have the chance to see the works you have done directly under another tab. No need to go and search for another blockchain explorer! I need to explain the feature of sending and receiving values. That feature is a must. The only thing to be considered here is that the machine you will use is up-to-date and virus-protected. You don’t have to worry about the rest of the security procedures. This wallet already provides what you know. The high-level security that you do not know is provided in the software by the Qtum team, thank you to those secret heroes.”

#5 Myatagan#5224 on Qtum CoinMarketCap Community

“Coinmarketcap is very important for projects. Although Qtum is a little late in this regard, it is a good development that it stands out in the cmc community. The number of followers of the projects is important. Activities should be developed for Qtum’s followers on twitter, discord, and Telegram accounts to follow Qtum on cmc. Rewards can be given to people who prove that they follow Qtum on cmc.”

Here are the top 5 memes from our content contest:

#1 julian888#5800


#2 Mitali#4677


#3 cyrpto#4159


#4 erlikwindsteel#2839


#5 Banti38#8176


We added Prometheus exporter for Qtum node monitoring.


Qtum is proud to be a sponsor of one of the biggest crypto hackathon events of the year. The event started at Consensus 2022 on June 9th. The 32 winning projects are shown above.

Opside is a standalone layer2 blockchain that bridges Ethereum, BNB Chain, Qtum, and others into a multi-rollup environment.


Opside will provide a ZK-Rollup SDK that integrates zero-knowledge proof generation and verification process components. Opside has templates for common applications, including DEX and NFT Markets, making it easier for devs to integrate these features.

Read the whitepaper here:


Check your first glimpse of the Moonland metaverse here:


Plus, check out this article by Cointelegraph to know more!


Come check us out on CoinMarketCap Community!


We also published the following articles on CoinMarketCap:



Our co-founder Patrick Dai attended the “Blockchain Security Alliance” inaugural event in Singapore on 9/24 led by Beosin, a leading Web3 security firm.


Here’s a brief video that explains the capabilities of Qtum


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