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Pirate Chain Newsletter — October 2022 Recap | by AnARRRKey | Pirate Chain | Nov, 2022

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Ahoy, pirates! The fair lottery game has begun play at Pirate Life Casino. Work continues on the ETH network, so wARRR will be included in Balancer. ARRR-based trades of commodities are gradually being introduced through bARRRter.com. As we draw closer to the opening of the final curtain on this eagerly anticipated DEX, a first ARRR transaction on AtomicDex was tested out. Along with other multi-coin wallets and exchanges, work is still being done on the Edge wallet.

Commander Lootz may not appear to be in Discord as frequently, but he is still committed to helping Pirate Chain and is continuing to battle for information and enlightenment on other platforms.

Crisis Event

The event’s grand opening must not be missed! Several pirate minds will gather around Legend LooTZ to discuss the state of our society throughout the week of February 6–10 2023. They will be forthcoming with you about their own experiences and advice that will help you in all facets of life. The major goal of the event is to strengthen everyone and bring us together as a single people because we are now weak, divided, and under attack. Anyone who is inspired to share their unique wisdom and become a talker is welcome to participate. Follow the instructions to register, here: https://piratechain.com/events

Changelly Exchange

Did you hear about the recent Changelly Exchange contest? They created a fun competition where participants ask insightful questions regarding Pirate Chain. Here are some of those interesting questions: https://twitter.com/Changelly_team/status/1585292593553809408

Your life seems to be lacking or off in some way. Maybe life coaching is the best option for you. Our newest ARRRmada member, who specializes in source transformation and provides private coaching and workshops, now accepts ARRR as payment. Check her out here if you’re feeling guided to do so: https://sourcetransformation.org/

Pirate Chain Hardware Wallet

The world’s newest and safest cryptocurrency system is currently in your hands. This bad boy, expertly crafted using cutting-edge technology, has caught the attention of many pirates around. You might still benefit from the $50 USD discount offer! Order it here using ARRR! https://www.barrrter.com/ad/details/pirate-chain-hardware-wallet

In an effort to draw attention to our bARRRter.com, we will randomly select one bARRRter advertising and display it here. Today, we thought you would be interested in this silver card.
No financial guidance is intended, nor does the seller provide any form of encouragement to us.

Pirates, we’re so excited! The long-awaited fair and generous lottery has arrived! Come on in and throw it an $ARRR! Have the certainty it is a fair game without any form of taxes on the winner. With a fair 90% from a dollar to the jackpot and the rest 10% to founding Pirate Chain’s development, we all win!

All are provided by our completely hidden and secure pirate’s untraceable chain. Enjoy! https://piratelife.casino/Lottery

Crypto with James

James offers his fundamental and technical analysis of the potential future of Pirate Chain in his realistic show style. In his evaluation, Pirate Chain is hailed as the primary private coin to hold if current political circumstances hold, and the powers that should not be keep maintaining control over people’s economics.

Our Mates Luna and Crypto Rich had a cordial discussion on the advantages of Pirate Chain privacy shields over Monero. Our fundamental facts are presented in an understandable way that will ignite your interest in our technology. They emphasize the importance of decentralized homeschooling while exposing the conventional education system as an effective means of indoctrination that gives people in positions of authority unprecedented control over our minds. A must-see if you still feel strongly against homeschooling.

Mr. Doug Casey clarifies how to guard against the disaster that the CDBCs are anticipated to be. We appreciate that he sees Pirate Chain as a true safeguard of our right to privacy. His intelligent and well-educated financial counsel is now highly regarded by many.

Full Interview:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z6Aalr3IlvE&t=0s

Follow Doug Casey’s Take https://phyle.co/

Join his email list to get Special reports and updates: https://dougcasey.substack.com/about

Telegram: https://t.me/dougcasey

Alternative channel https://vigilante.tv/c/doug_caseys_take/

Joe Jarvis and Artto discuss the benefits of using Pirate Chain’s ARRR coin in real life, for safe and effective business, in order to help grow the worldwide parallel economy.

Joe’s Parallel Economy Project: https://joejarvis.locals.com

The full interview: https://youtu.be/9C01V9tkrTI

See why Connor from Crypto Empire believes Pirate Chain has the ability to completely dominate the private sector in this video. He does a good job of covering an ARRR technical study, privacy currencies & laws, worries about bitcoin privacy, and a comparison of Pirate Chain versus Monero. Additionally, he explains fully private cryptocurrencies to you and how he thinks the technology behind Pirate Chain can spark a true revolution as people’s need for privacy grows more acute and necessary.

The necessity for anonymity is becoming more apparent in the cryptosphere every day. This is evident. Consider reading the BuiltIn article on privacy coins! On CoinMarketCap, they created an interesting top ten list of privacy cryptocurrencies by market capitalization. Under it, Pirate Chain was ranked tenth. It’s noteworthy that Pirate Chain doesn’t encounter the problems that many other private coins face, as they note. Visit their article at this link: https://builtin.com/blockchain/privacy-coins

To protect activity in our discord, Legend LooTZ delayed The LooTZ Show in order to make it larger and more resistant to attacks. He has not left the pirate ship; instead, he is still standing in an outdoor arena to strengthen it as well as seeing it from a different vantage point. He will continue fighting for the freedom of our community and other communities out there. Since the fights for our liberties have become more fierce everywhere, his and our fight for privacy, individual empowerment, and unity is now more clear and carried out with greater vigor.

Let Us All Unite!


For more stories and information, come visit us at https://pirate.black

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