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Former U.S. Marine EXPOSES the lies his government told him | Redacted Conversation with Lucas Gage

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Lucas Gage is a former Marine who served two tours in Iraq. During that time he discovered that his military leaders were actively lying about their mission. Now Gage is exposing the very same lies that are being repeated in Ukraine.

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  1. I've known all this for the last 20 years. My question is how do we stop a government out of control? My guess is we need our military men and women to step in and say enough is enough.

  2. Thank you so much for this interview. I am a Russian-American who have been living with a broken heart for nearly nine years. I cannot express how grateful I am
    for your bravery and your honesty. And I truly hope a peace agreement can be reached for the sake of all, Ukraine, Russia, and the world.

  3. It takes a great deal of courage and selflessness to serve your country in war….even more to speak the truth. The forces aligned against us are enormous, their resources immeasurable and their greed beyond comprehension. But still you speak out! That's true courage! God bless you and keep you safe. 🙏

  4. Well then he should tell all these military guys to walk away from being a murderer your all big boys and girls and I had a very strong dream last weak and today touched deep when the haiti woman were crying and said everytime the Americans walk on there soil they take dads away from there children so why do the military think it is saving America for going in killing people that have not come on your soil and threatened there family and why would we need to still there oil gas whatever why you ain't know heros for america your murderer for the government they can be tough cause there not doing the dirty work you are going against God when you all have seen the truth so why not protect your family were the real enemy , love that you do what your told so when they tell the military to kill us Americans you do what your told. Your all terrorist and it unfortunately you think your protecting america well your job is to kill inocent people cause you were told well the time is coming no service man is going to Gods kingdom if there boots are killing for the government and ya don't believe me but it was a clear dream and 2 of my cousins were in the service and both of them died a year a part i was young but I remember when they were in there uniform then when my aunt lost both her sons. Think if the government don't have the hired murders then they wont have a rock to stand on then you would be the biggest heros in history cause that would save are country. But you desision and it a waste of time to say peace you know that is not going to happen to will clean up America trash so you cant do there dirty work and say your protecting America bullshit.

  5. Does anybody notice this man has zero hard examples of his rant.
    He clearly said
    ‘I’m repeating the words from a friend – well he is not a friend but a guy in the same anti – war circles as me’

    Then around 24 minutes he is just repeating the narrative that redacted spoke about 2 weeks ago.

    This man is suspect

    And said nothing useful.

    I know plenty of military guys like him.

    Spent time in country
    Served a term
    And acts like a hardened retiree for the rest of his life.

    People be wary of veterans like him.
    I see right through him.
    He is a chump…

  6. If guy’s like this ran US foreign policy, imagine what we could’ve done. The US and Russia should be besties. Someone like this makes that way more likely. Too bad its run by psychos!

  7. I am so glad to hear you say that about the Russians that were killed they should be honored cause they were innocent and know one mention Zelenski is a murderer and now he is letting all those men be killed cause they are cut off of media and they might be thinking there fighting for there country but there just being thrown into the lion cage and zylinski is a billionaire now not a millionaire and he will be going home to his mansion and all these family are without there dad for there fake war.
    It is sad world

  8. This is a proxy war.
    Ukraine under strong pressure of Americans, NATO and EU brought this on its own.
    Zelensky is a puppet and he should be replaced by real, honest leader, otherwise Ukraine will be completely destroyed.

  9. How about the poppy fields? US military was guarding those fields from being destroyed. About that time heroin was killing young people in the US and it hasn't stopped.

  10. Absolutely accurate. We can see this even here in little New Zealand. Our hore Govt is part of and supports the US imperialist authoritarian system. Thanks for the content.

  11. After reading about the Bush family ties to the German N a z i s, and because I knew how they used the fire in their big building, the Reichstag, to justify crackdown on civil liberties and then war, I knew from the second I was told about the WTC, "Reichstag". This was a false flag operation to start war and destroy civil liberties. So I also knew that all the other wars, including Ukraine were based on US warmongering.

  12. And YET still no accountability!! WMD's? Why aren't these liars in PRISON? America is doing it again, however, President PUTIN will turn America into a wasteland if they continue with the same BS as they did with Iraq…….

  13. I believe at this point America is a failed State. If you look back at what made America the idol of the world, in my view it was a well regulated capitalist society that encouraged business to be creative. Today it’s an empty shell of its glory days.

  14. Thanks for bringing this forward.
    West needs to listen from western resources what their governments are unleashing on rest of world. Trust me it make every country scared and wary of West .
    The rest of world know this except western civilians. Even I see some of my Indian friends in US believe in lies thrown by mainstream US media. And would rarely budge when given counter evidence and arguments.

  15. Everyone listen to the 1989 album "Blind Man's Zoo" by 10,000 Maniacs. Female singer Natalie Merchant. Her voice will give you chills. The songs "Hateful Hate" and "Please forgive us" are just two examples. The whole album will hit the soul and it's gold. They also have a song called "My Mother the War" by 10,000 Maniacs from the album "Wishing Chair." Seriously, it's worth it. I met Natalie, the lead singer.

  16. thanks for ur courage sir. We pray for the conversion of the elite as satan is using them to destroy the world, to go down with him down to the pit. May God forbids the deep state wins over GOD

  17. Your guest is speaking out bcz he was betrayed by his own government and found the truth 15 years later or more finally American start to see clear and who betrayed them .Russia are honest and people start to see who is liying to them ..

  18. after the 2nd world war we all know all the top German official's went to America the Nazis dint lose the 2nd world war they slowly over the years took over America that is thy Putin calls the west Nazis and its true entity's from of world have slowly took over this world and they have been told to hand it back or they are going to do it for us they are gone do something Xmas day something big is going to happen and who ever they are they are not given this world up without a fight the second a nukes goes of they are going to step in beings from of world are already here just waiting for it to kick of i think its going to be Xmas day

  19. The CIA propagandists mock the Russian army as old, mediocre, unprefessional unable to take Ukraine after many months, yet at the same time, they claim Putin plans to invade all Europe so they have to stop him in Ukraine lol

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