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Infinity Wars Phase 1. By Lightmare Studios | by The Sandbox | Nov, 2022

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By Lightmare Studios

Airborne Scientist (left) ; Brimstone Battle Tank (middle) ; Candit, Head of Research (right)
  • Airborne Scientist — Genesis scientist that show no aptitude for laboratory work are given jetpacks instead.
  • Brimstone Battle Tank — The Mark 1 ‘Brimstone’ Battle Tank is the mainstay of the Flame Dawn armour division, able to rapidly respond to areas of resistance and blast away fortifications with its main cannon. Aberion, The Hammer of the Dawn was known to use groups of these fast moving tanks to tear a hole through enemy lines, leaving them helpless for the ensuing infantry charge.
  • Candit, Head of Research — Candit is a powerful sorceress of the Cult of Verore who specializes in researching powerful spells. Formerly one of Aleta’s top advisers, Candit engaged in a bitter struggle for power with Rita following Aleta’s capture by Vasir.
Jubalia, the Valiant (left) ; Demon of Solitude (middle) ; Kraos, Champion of Ruin (right)
  • Jubalia, the Valiant — Upon the arrival of the main body of Overseers forces, Jubalia rejoined her allies and worked tirelessly to continue the fight across the infinite worlds. Her practical knowledge and experience of the different worlds made her an invaluable advisor to other Overseers commanders as well as being a formidable fighter in her own right.
  • Demon of Solitude — Little is known about the Demon of Solitude, as it prefers to be by itself and rarely engages with other demons. Some believe them to have some sort of shy personality, being quite powerful and simply choosing not to show that to those around them. Others think they’re just antisocial.
  • Kraos, Champion of Ruin — Kraos served as Sol’s right-hand angel and enforcer, often carrying out his most brutal campaigns. The Champion of Ruin left destruction in his wake, ensuring that nothing could possibly survive to threaten the angels or their allies. His violent excesses went beyond even Sol’s, but the Champion of Vengeance protected him from censure and praised his thoroughness in eradicating the undead threat. At the start of every battle, Kraos always delivered the same orders: “Leave no blade unbroken. Leave no stone unturned. Let none survive.”
Phalanx (left) ; Reckless Zealot (right)
  • Phalanx — Masters of defence, the Descendants of the Dragon build mighty fortresses, monasteries, and walls to keep their enemies at bay and protect their people. Organising these efforts on the front lines are the Phalanx Commanders, battle hardened officers wielding powerful shields and formidable tactical training to protect their nation. If it were not for their efforts, The Great Wall of Jinhai would not still stand as the proud monument of defence that it is.
  • Reckless Zealot — A heavy infantry unit of the Flame Dawn nation. Devotees of these squads give holy reverence to the experience of war and battle, sharing their faith using thousands of rounds of armour piercing bullets from their consecrated gatling guns. With the opening of the Rifts, and the war with the Sleepers of Avararrach, these heavy troops lead the charge eagerly, winning glorious victories despite taking grievous casualties.
Vasir, the Demon Prince (left) ; Spirit Armor (right)
  • Vasir, the Demon Prince — The Chained Prince struggles ceaselessly to break free of his bonds so that he may torture Aleta as she has tortured him.
  • Spirit Armor — An ancient set of armor said to only be a legend among the Descendants of the Dragon.

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