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Testnet V2 — Test 1 Information. Dear Community, We are taking the time… | by Zach Hildreth | X-Cash | Nov, 2022

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Dear Community, We are taking the time to write today, to announce what we are going to be testing on the testnet V2. The snapshot has just happened almost about 3 hours ago!!! I want to thank everyone that is still interested in the project and supporting the testnet, as we will have many fun new features to try out on this testnet cycle.

Here is the code link for the changes to xcash on this testnet as of now. We will use the “remote-data” branch of both repos:


Before we can start testing new protocols, we need to test many DPOPS enhancements and improvements made by the community and the team. These are already in the code and will be running day 1 when the first block is created. These include:

Various upgrades to work with Ubuntu 22.04 (the new LTS).
Various improvements to how networking code works.
Performance improvements on certain functions of the code.

We will run this for about a week or two to make sure its stable and that we have enough participants.

Once this is finished we will start testing the new protocols and features of xcash and xcash dpops. These will include (in this order we will test them):

Xcash always listens to the community, and tries to adapt the product to what the community wants. I personally heard multiple community members over the year ask for this specific feature. This will allow one to now vote for one delegate but only allocate a certain amount of the wallet to them, and keep the other part for spending trading etc. The wallet will know when you send a tx to only use the xcash marked as “savings” not the xcash marked as “staking”. When the “savings” xcash is 0, the wallet will not be able to send any xcash until you clear the marks on the wallet using a new command.

It sounds a little complicated but is really simple.

Old commands for vote and revote:

vote <delegates_name|delegates_public_address>

New commands for vote and revote:

vote <delegates_name|delegates_public_address> <amount|all>
revote <amount|all>

with the new command “clear_staked_balance” that will remove all marks and allow one to use any previous staked amount for sending. Note it will not remove the vote, but will just remove the marks so one can send from the staking xcash (and will break the reserve proof like voting in version 1)

Note this will not currently work for voting for multiple delegates from the same wallet, but this innovation allows for this to happen at a later date once this first production is ready. This just allows one to not have to make 2+ wallets for their staking and spending xcash.

These are tx that take a few seconds to confirm on the network. Using our unique blockchain structure of DBFT and UTXO unspent system, we have possibly created a system for quick tx on our network, that can be confirmed through the delegates using a tool. This will be very important for merchant applications especially in person stores as users can pay for items in seconds with full verification from the merchant that their can be a reversal. For those that know about RBF tx on bitcoin style blockchains, this system is superior to it and eliminates all of the risk.

Do these replace the instant payments we saw in a video long ago? No its a enhancement as we can have layer 1instant payments, and layer 2 instant virtual payments as seen in the video. Those are still a work in progress.

A rough draft of the documentation from my internal setup can be found here https://docs.xcash.foundation/turbotx/get-started as this will give more details about what this protocol is (RBF vs this) and the user/delegate interaction process. (the theory of innovation can be found at https://docs.xcash.foundation/turbotx/introduction)

We have talked about this one in the past, but it essentially a namespace service run by the delegates. A user can register a namespace and this will automatically include .xcash, .sxcash and .pxcash extensions (and any others we develop in the future). Users will then be able to use these in different ways:

.xcash — give this to a user (instead of your public address) to have them be able to send payments to you.

.sxcash — give this to a user to have them be forced to send you a private tx.

.pxcash — give this to a user to have them be forced to send you a public tx.

A rough draft of the documentation from my internal setup can be found here https://docs.xcash.foundation/remotedata/get-started as this will give more details about what this protocol is and the user/delegate interaction process.

Besides reading the documentation drafts to familiarize yourself with the new protocols, on Monday December 5, 2022 we will post an article stating how to setup your server. If your planning on participating black Friday is a great time to look into getting a server (any Ubuntu 18.04 and up will work including 22.04). I will use the time between Nov 21 and December 5, to write this tutorial and setup the testnet and seed nodes, and fix any remaining problems if their are any that appear. The testnet is still scheduled for January 2 as of now, but stay tuned to all of the articles if that changes for any reason.

We look forward to testing the various features of the testnet V2 with the community.

Read the original article here

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