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So they're admitting the WHOLE thing was a lie? | Redacted with Clayton Morris

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Dr. Fauci gives his final press conference and what he said might shock you. The World Health Organization issued a rough draft of its new Pandemic Treaty which would give incredible powers to an unelected group of globalists. Researcher Whitney Webb joins us to talk about this troubling development.

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  1. Here in Ohio the hospital is buying up local dr.s and hospital to make one big Corp… Its bad fast😢😈😭‼️J's X-Wife 😇 Lin 🇺🇸🙏☮️❤️🍩 PEACE LOVE AND donuts

  2. Many LGB people are aware of the hate that comes from the TQIA people and industry. Maybe now they are literally killing the gays, they will understand why the LGB needs to be distinct and separate.

  3. I blame the journalists for being there giving them credibility. They get nothing but lies, ignored or disrespect anyway. All journalists should back each other and walk out in protests and start writing real stories.

  4. Are you guys consciously using trance-inducong music for that long pre-news program? Put people in a very suggestible state and put the stuff on the screen?
    I really, really dislike anyone tinkering with my thinking.
    And I find the music revolting, invasive, unwanted.
    I really love your work!!

  5. Thanks for your reporting on the "TRUTH" and keeping us abreast of all that is going on. I find your channel refreshing and news worthy, keep up the good work. Natali I too am in limbo on party affiliation neather party has anything I would vote on plus the infighting and all that just turns me off. Clayton and Family have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy your two days off. Note: I'm a Native American and know the truth about the first Thanksgiving. I'm also a history buff Clayton. Later. 🤠👍✌🦃 Oh, yea Dave and Phil you have been great at keeping the logistics and the channel running smoothly Happy Thanksgiving to you two as well.

  6. Yes! Prisons for women are better for men who don’t want to be beaten up on a regular basis in a prison for men. Not only are they free from violence; they have access to a lot of women on a regular basis; the only things needed is to claim you’ve changed gender from a man to a woman? Aren’t people clever!

  7. Rumble needs to offer some of the features that YouTube has. On Rumble you can't leave a comment or chat live, and there are no subtitles. Please tell them to work these features into their platform…..

  8. About fathers! Yes, we need to get out of the men, the men who are violent and abusive!!!
    And actually there is data that shows that children that grows up with only one parent had No more problems than others! So PLEASE, look it up!! It is worse for a child to grow up in a violent home, than in peace with only one fantastisc parent (mother or father!)

  9. Sure, this might not have been a hate crime. But 32 trans people were murdered this year. It ABSOLUTELY is a problem. I am SO FUCKING SICK of innocent people dying in this country

  10. Of course criminals can use being non binary as an attempt to appear less guilty, just like they use any of the other loopholes to appear less guilty. This doesnt mean lbgtqi+ people aren't who they say they are. Just means criminals are criminals….

  11. The effects of the term "conspiracy theory" are so ridiculous to happen. If conspiracy is the act, from a group of people, to organize and carry on an agenda, in secret from anyone outside that group, every corruption is a conspiracy when it stops being a secret.
    It's normal that there are a lot of conspiracy theories about important people/groups because if they want to plan something in secret they have all the tools to do it. But when conspiracy theories are proven conspiracy facts, or corruption, people dismiss it as that fairy-tale-conspiracy-theory.
    It's like cyberpunk products creators that say their vision for the future can serve as warning for a dystopic path for humanity; but in the end it serves for people to dismiss any warnings found in the real world as belonging to the conspiracy-theory-realm. Is it because we are such creatures of habits and were formated to store information in boxes in our heads? 'So that argument belongs to science fiction, not the real world!?' Propaganda really creates reality.

  12. Your ignorant fearmongering around 'Covid excess deaths' and the vaccine has been blown out of the water and despite reporting on Sweden's (no lockdown) Covid stats, you chose not to admit your error. In Sweden, more people have had the vaccine than in the US or UK but they have no excess deaths. It is the lockdowns, the obesity, the alcohol, the poor diet, lack of exercise and the levels of stress that are killing the people…oh yeah, and fools like you spreading disinformation.

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