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GET November ’22 — Strength in Numbers | by Colby Mort | GET Protocol | Nov, 2022

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Greetings one and all to a new GET Protocol monthly blog!

As the month passes we’ve swapped pumpkins & changing leaves for big coats & a chilly breeze. Nonetheless, GET Protocol has continued to tick(et) along with partners around the world distributing NFT Tickets for events of all shapes & sizes.

What you can look forward to in this month’s blog:

  • A brand new white-label partner
  • A brand new digital twin partner
  • A finalised POAP integration
  • The ticketing revolution bat signal has been spotted ✊🎟️
  • Sales adventure in Mexico

This month we’ve seen ticketing activity for a range of events across the world, from music industry professionals gathering in Milan with Wicket Events to Christmas events supporting children in need in Baltimore, Maryland through our partner NeonOx.

We’ve also seen activity from a new unannounced ticketeer that those eagle eyed in the community may have spotted, did you? 👀

Reminder, you can keep track of NFT Ticketing through GET Protocol on our explorer or the shiny community built V2 dashboard!

NFT Tickets Sold: 172,564

$GET Fuel Used: 15,038

Total Events: 942

Kennedy Krieger’s Festival of Trees — NeonOx

This month NeonOx ticketed Kennedy Krieger’s Festival of Trees in Maryland. The event featured christmas exhibitions that brought people together to fundraise for children in need of support.

Linecheck Music Professionals — Wicket Events

Linecheck brings music industry professionals together to discuss the latest trends & ways technology is improving the live event experience, it’s therefore fitting that a part of the ticketing occured with NFT Tickets through partner Wicket Events!

Heroes Den Bosch

It’s been a little while since we last mentioned updates from Heroes Den Bosch, the reigning Dutch basketball champions. In October they kicked off the 22–23 season with all home games being ticketed by GUTS Tickets.

Since the season kick off, Heroes have commanded a complete 8 game winning streak wiping their opponents across the board.

As you may have recalled from Last Season, we trialed the first ever Evolving Sports Collectibles with them, tracking their progress to becoming the reigning champions — you can read about this here.

For the 22–23 season, we wanted to go bigger & better with Heroes collectibles that feature a revamped design which captures the identity of the Heroes team. At the same time we wanted to add dynamic background elements & put further emphasis on the highlight play moments so that they are front & center.

In the latter half of the season, there’ll be opportunities to incorporate Gated Access into digital experiences for collectible holders, but more on this at a later date!

The Road to 3 Million NFT Tickets

We’re also getting daringly close to 3 Million NFT Tickets processed through the protocol for over 15,000 events to date. Why not leave a comment under our Twitter thread with an estimation of when you’ll think we cross the mark!


We are proud to introduce a new Digital Twin integrator, TuTicket!

With over 40 years of combined experience in the Colombian events industry, TuTicket knows how to put on an event.

‘We help event organizers to provide the best possible experience for their fans. Through our multi-channel strategy, we managed to not only sell your tickets but ensure that fans have the best possible experience.’

The creative team at GET Protocol will be working closely with TuTicket to create valuable digital collectibles and post-event experiences for its ticket buyers. We look forward to showing you the first results.


In the mean time, give them a follow on Instagram, have a look at some of their upcoming events, and brush up on your Spanish on the TuTicket website: https://tuticket.com.co/

Introducing a new white-label partner joining the ticketing revolution with us — Mixt Tickets!

Mixt are an ambitious group of EDM industry veterans based in Canada that are passionate for bringing empowering changes to their scene using NFT Ticketing. Let’s kick it over to Jake from Mixt to give you insight into their approach & ambitions for ticketing:

We’re Mixt, and we’re in this for the long haul.

We’ve been working in the EDM festival / show scene for years now, and our ambitions are big: we want to lead the way in integrating our industry into blockchain technology.

And why wouldn’t we?

We believe that starting with transparent ticketing and getting NFTs into everyone’s hands is the perfect way to empower artists and event organizers. Connecting them deeper with their fans and putting the revenue in the right hands so they can continue to create timeless art and amazing experiences.

As a company, we’re committed to developing new ways of thinking about how we interact with music, how we promote it, and how we support its creators. GET protocol has so many great features we are excited to utilize but we are most excited to use the digital collectibles. Our scene already has a lot of collectibles such as pins, jerseys, and wristbands and we would love to add another facet where the artist can get more feedback and reward loyal supporters.

We love the fact that there are limitless possibilities with NFTs and smart contracts and we will continue to work closely with artists to create new things for their fans.

We’re a team of artists, artist managers, and production managers who originally came together to throw events. Two years ago, we realized how flawed ticketing was and started working on a solution.

That’s when we discovered Get Protocol.

We realized we could use NFTs as tickets and distribute them through Get Protocol’s blockchain-based system. Since then, we’ve been blessed to partner with GET and are here to disrupt the ticketing industry as well as lead the way in utilizing NFTs and incorporating them into our events, and showing artists how to take advantage of the new technology.’

It’s hard to not get very excited hearing Jake’s words! We’ll be supporting their journey every step of the way & we know the GET Protocol community will also be doing the same!

If you’d like to stay up to date with Mixt Tickets & their passion filled ticketing efforts, follow them on Twitter here: https://twitter.com/MixtTix

November is also the month in which our partners NeonOx & OnTapp each cross 50,000 NFT Tickets sold for events through their platform!

Considering both these partners joined the ticketing revolution movement with GET Protocol during 2022, it’s incredible to see them flourishing & reaching such a momentous milestone already.

We hope you’ll continue to support them in their ticketing activities on social media & shining a spotlight on their upcoming events.

Following a steady increase in demand and interest from prospects in Mexico, part of our sales team got on a plane for a marathon of meetings with a number of interested parties.

We were able to show our solution and explore product market fit in the Mexican market at the same time. There are promising avenues to explore, both in terms of collaboration and a wider fit for our tooling across the global events industry — especially the Digital Twin.

As always a gentle reminder that sales cycles are long and we don’t count any new integrators until they are signed (at which point we will of course relay the good news), but it’s always great to confirm that we are on the right track to meet our ambitions.

In November we were also featured prominently in a new IQ Mag edition centered around memory making beyond a concert & the important role NFT Tickets & Digital Collectibles play in facilitating this. Here, Olivier provided industry insight into the dynamics that we’ve forseen play out over the last year & why the fan — artist relationship is improved through post-event Collectibles.

It’s been an outrageously eventful month for those with interests in either the ticketing industry or the crypto space. Let alone if you operate exactly on the intersection of both!

In case you have been on an (understandable) social media hiatus, here’s a brief rundown:

The troubled ticket sale of Taylor Swift’s new tour brought forward a lot of disappointment for fans and scrutiny from regulators.

‘(Ticketmaster) argue(s) that a “staggering number of bot attacks” as well as fans without pre-sale codes contributed to the result of the sale. This debacle has caused enough uproar among fans and spectators to grab the attention of the Biden Administration. A hearing has since been announced on behalf of the U.S. Senate, in which they will discuss the harm that the ticketing industry projects onto customers and artists.’

The sale also spurred on public outcry from observers around the world, who are desperate for a transparent and straightforward ticketing experience.

Meanwhile in crypto land the collapse of the FTX crypto exchange and subsequent revelations about mismanagement and staggering loss of funds dragged down trust in the industry

Now what do these events have in common? Both are symptoms of unraveling, disruptive-worthy approaches. Both show a systemic lack of transparency and disregard for the end user. Both have people fed up.

Seems like it’s time for a revolution. We are in a unique position to show the world what blockchain and ticketing can both look like. Are you in?

For those active in the community on Twitter, you will have spotted over the last few weeks a calling in the form of an emoji pairing — ✊🎟️

As we mentioned above, the Ticketing Revolution is truly underway & we want every community member, ticketeer, artist & fan to feel apart of this growing movement.

What better way to show your support than through putting these emojis in your bio & giving those who use them a follow.

Beyond a customized emoji badge we have begun using and asking our community to use the #TicketingRevolution, a hashtag emanating from the community that we have thrown our full support around.

We are more than a token: We are a cooperative of strongly aligned individuals with a singular vision to see fairer ticketing. The industry is corrupt, the mechanics old and visibly dated. Now is the time for us all to come together and express our dissatisfaction with the current state of the industry. We are building a protocol for all, a fairer protocol that will ensure the creator and the fan are protected and empowered equally.

The revolution will be Tweeted! ✊ 🎟️

Besides growing social engagement, we are actively looking at ways to incentivize and reward the commitment shown by those staking $GET.

Since stakers determine the future of the protocol through governance votes, it’s only right to be rewarded for this responsibility. Not just through perks and extras, but also in $GET as staking rewards. This will come from ticketing revenue of the protocol, but we are also considering a DAO proposal for boosting these rewards upon launch.

We’d be curious to hear your thoughts on this as we develop the idea, so feel free share them in our Discord.

The first instance of our newly integrated POAP flow has been rolled out and is ready to go. The integration is so seamless for the end user that it’s almost boring to run through for those already well acquainted with our ticketing flow — but here goes nonetheless. Broken down into 4 simple steps.

  1. ) The event attendee buys their ticket from a ticket shop, just like they are used to.

2.) Ticket buyers are prompted to fill in their wallet address, if they would like to receive their collectibles from the event. (Highlighted below.)

3.) The attendee then has their ticket in the wallet app, along with a link to see their NFT ticket on chain, which is now already in their NFT wallet.

4) When the ticket is checked in at the venue, a transaction is triggered to issue the POAP to the provided address. The POAP lands, and we have an instance of arguably the truest proof of attendance in existence. 🙂

Moving forward we’ll begin to offer the flow to event organizers and explore further ways of bringing the benefits of the collaboration to event attendees.

We truly can’t believe how fast the year has flown!

With next month marking the end of the calendar year, we’ll be providing insights & taking a look back at how 2022 has faired for the protocol.

From highlighting events & developments to celebrating community initiatives, we’ll look back over the year together.

Naturally in closing the 2022 year book, it’ll also be time to shine a light on what’s to come in the year ahead — stay tuned for that next month & as always, you can keep up to date with us here & on Twitter: https://twitter.com/GetProtocol

Until next month!

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