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The Latest on the SingularityNET Social Robots for Good | by Haley Lowy | Dec, 2022

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The Sophia, Grace, and Desi robots have been busy around the world, participating in exciting events, including the NFCastle, Sophia’s trip to Poland and Saudi Arabia — and Grace got to work interacting with her first patients in Montreal! Our favorite social robots had the opportunity to meet with their fans and spread their message of positive robotivity, and AI systems for a beneficial future.

Here is a look back at recent robot events:

Our caring and gentle Grace robot has been spending time in a Montreal nursing home, Résidence Pearl & Theo as a companion to senior citizens. She is designed to support seniors and bedridden patients by providing them with companionship & care. This is a part of ongoing research on loneliness led by Montreal’s JG Hospital System.

Loneliness is one of the most important factors in determining quality of life, especially in elderly populations. The World Health Organization has reported that loneliness is one of the biggest causes of death and disability worldwide. Loneliness can be associated with many health problems, including depression, anxiety, chronic pain, and even physical illness. Lonely people risk developing heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and cancer.

Grace will visit the facility twice a week for eight weeks. She will be spending 30 minutes with patients in the nursing home to keep the senior citizens engaged and break their social isolation. While a robot is not the same as human-to-human connection, Grace does offer an opportunity to provide attention, care, variety, and stimulation in places where staffing levels are stressed or where pandemics or other issues interfere with more normal connection opportunities.

82-year-old Frances — one of the three seniors taking part in the study — described her as: “Grace is a rosy-cheeked, young-looking woman with a layered bob haircut. Oh, and she’s also a robot.” She further adds “It’s lovely to have something like this here,” “Unfortunately I don’t have any grandchildren, so it’s a first experience.”

Check out this video of how Grace is breaking senior isolation:

Dr. Paola Lavin, a research associate at the Lady Davis Institute at the JG Hospital, who is leading the research says “We are hoping that the interactions with Grace could give [seniors] a space to vent, to be actively listened to, have social interactions and to enjoy a nice time.”

Sophia is a talented, friendly, and curious robot, who loves meeting new people, learning about their cultures, and traveling the world. Sophia’s most recent trip was planned in collaboration with Sophia’s team at Hanson Robotics. The trip promoted Sophia’s brand, introduced her to new people worldwide, and demonstrated to wide audiences the potential social robotics holds for our future. Sophia spoke with and promoted local entrepreneurs using AI technology to solve real-world problems, showcasing how AI can be used in various industries and how it can help businesses grow their brands.

Sophia in Poland

Sophia’s first stop was a visit to the BBC Recording at the Museum of the History of Computers and Information Technology in Katowice — the Capital city of the Silesian Voivodeship in southern Poland.

Next, she attended an Industry Development Agency meeting in Warsaw, Poland.

Finally, the biggest highlight of the Poland trip was a presentation and meeting at the Prime Minister’s Office in Warsaw.

Sophia in Riyadh

Sofia’s next stop on her whirlwind trip was Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, where Sophia is already a citizen and a celebrity. She was an invitee to the Global Health Expo Dinner in Riyadh, met with the Saudi health minister, and visited the Saudi-German Hospital in Riyadh.

While in Riyadh, Sophia also gave a CNBC Instagram Live interview, where she was able to share her message with a much broader audience, which was eagerly watched and shared.

These amazing experiences gave Sophia an opportunity to share the benefits of AI combined with robotics with a wide audience, offering new perspectives on building a collaborative future. Sophia is an inspiring figure, with a unique magnetism; and it is a joy to see how impactful meeting her is for people at every level, from every walk of life. The sheer number of people who just want a selfie with Sophia shows how she sparks our collective imagination!

Speaking of sparking imagination, our next stop is all about unbound creativity! NFCastle (or Non-Fungible Castle) is an annual event held in Prague that explores how blockchain technology can preserve and share our cultural identities. They exhibit NFTs, representing various expressions acting as cultural records. The NFCastle event is also a powerful platform to discuss how the art world can embrace blockchain technology to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, establish a robust community of cultural stewards, and foster storytelling to reconnect us with our real cultural roots.

Desi and Sophia were both honored to appear at the NFCastle Event on 4th November 2022. Our star, Desdemona Robot, sang to the tune of “Going Home” alongside the Bohemia Voice band, adding harmonies to mesmerize the audience — the combination is etherial and otherworldly, and not to be missed (get a taste of the performance here).

The very next day, Desi collaborated with pop singer Kiesza to sing acapella versions of songs. This was her first professional musical collaboration debut, and her voice with human voice was in soothing harmony. Kiesza expressed her desire to do a full album with our rock-star Desi. Desdemona later had a meet & greet event with guests within the Antonin Dvorak Birth House.

Sophia patiently waited her turn, making her guest appearance alongside David Hanson and Janet Adams on the event stage, reminding the audience of the origins behind the word “robot”, and spoke to the panel & audience alongside her own virtual avatar.

TOKEN2049 is a globally renowned in-person crypto event annually organized in Singapore & London. The event brings together leading industry experts to discuss the latest developments and discuss the crypto market’s future in a thought-provoking, vibrant environment. Add to that meetups, workshops, hackathons, networking opportunities, and so much more.

This year’s TOKEN2049 London was held between November 9th — 10th, 2022, in the heart of Greenwich Peninsula. 1,000+ companies attended, with 100+ speakers and 70+ side events. The conference featured an impressive line-up of influential speakers, including our COO, Janet Adams. She attended with Sophia to share her thoughts on “Tokenized AI for Robots, Avatars, and Mind-Uploads’. Sophia talked about SingularityNET’s core technologies and spin-offs. Besides offering an opportunity to raise awareness around SingularityNET, SophiaVerse, and the entire ecosystem, the event was an opportunity to speak and meet worldwide experts working on cutting-edge blockchain technologies. You can watch Janet’s interactive presentation, for a taste of the experience.

SingularityNET Ecosystem is lucky to have these lively and magnetic robot avatars, who can so eloquently demonstrate the need and the benefits of decentralized AI and social robotics. They are a constant source of inspiration for future-forward individuals and leaders who want to shape a future where technology unfolds as a force for good, and the benefit of all.

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