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This shows CORRUPTION at the highest level as new Twitter files drop | Redacted News

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The second dump of Twitter files has been delayed after a shocking revelation about the first. This is regarding information that new owner Elon Musk promised showing how Twitter has censored content in the past. On Tuesday, journalist Matt Taibbi explained it thusly: After the first round of Twitter files showed us how executives inside Twitter had censored the story about Hunter Biden before the 2020 election, it was discovered that the documents provided to the investigative journalists had been filtered. Filtered by whom? Twitter Deputy General Counsel and former FBI General Counsel Jim Baker. When Musk discovered this, he fired Baker.

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  1. I have a question I just read that elon sanitized what he showed about the Biden I hope that's not true what I hear he has been asked to do the right thing and show all of it I hope that's what he does I think we can handle it

  2. EVERY social media company has FBI implants. The former Secret Service head went to work for Facebook when he "left" the government. It's what they do.

  3. So now what? We now know that what we already knew now has the physical evidence to prove the “conspiracy”. The problem is with those with the power and as I see it there are no checks and balances anymore. So where do we go from here????

  4. Elon" hey let me release twitter files that could destroy a political party without even knowing which of my employees are handling the data" yes sounds accurate and logical

  5. They left him there to allow him to expose himself to the public! Now he is exposed and removed! One more DS block removed. Because of the shock, more people are privy to the collusion of government and big tech. If he was fired from the get go, no one would be the wiser!

  6. Musk is not a spook finder, he's a businessman. The point is, Baker hung himself like most Marxists do when they are hiding or covering up things. Don't blame the messenger, Taibbi or Musk here. Be angry with Baker, Dorsey and the Twitter dweebs who have been exposed already.

  7. No positivity among the comments and I cant say the title envokes any simular feeling.
    Its tricky to see the light in the darkness and hindering being engulfed by the negative side.
    Its in our way of upbringing/culture.
    "Stay positive until the end, or the end might be nearer than you imagined."
    – me

  8. so elon picked the guy to release the files, then fired him, because he didn't know that jim baker had a conflict of inte
    I guess elon is just kind of absent minded? and we are supposed to believe this?

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