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Stakenet (XSN)

In the last few years, the cryptocurrency community has steadily grown. However, the fact remains that this community is still in the early stages of expansion and is a continuously expanding market which offers great opportunities for traders all around the world. Presently, there are over 1,600 cryptocurrencies, above 10,450 markets and a total market cap of nearly $400 billion as per statistics available at coinmarketcap.com (date: 1st June 2018). In 2017, the prices of popular virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum soared to record highs amid increased investor interest. There are now hundreds of cryptocurrencies to choose from – with more appearing each passing day. Choice paralyzes – this adds cost, complexity and the need for advice. Given that cryptocurrency can be high risk, has extreme volatility, and can be difficult to buy and store safely. An effective and diverse portfolio of coins can be a complex problem especially, when you like to store them at a safe place and claim their individual features for a passive income.

Stakenet, with the ticker XSN, is a Trustless Proof of Stake (TPoS) blockchain that addresses the issue of cryptocurrencies for nontechnical people by providing a simple user interface to access all the features of our 4th generation meta network. Stakenet allows users to stake various cryptocurrencies in one single wallet, to trade at a decentralized exchange, which is entirely provided by masternodes and empowers its users to execute atomic swaps between different blockchains. Stakenet focuses on technology, that ensures and truly decentralized and secure network. That’s why we created the TPoS consensus, due to this XSN holders can earn staking rewards for protecting the blockchain, while their coins remain offline in a coldwallet. Because Stakenet is based on the Bitcoin.core blockchain architecture, it’s also complete SegWit activated and can use all the Bitcoin achievements, such as the Lightning Network. We aim to develop tech, that really pushes the boundaries of our trustless profitdriven economy, so that XSN stays relevant and can be a store of value.

Bitcoin (BTC) $ 9,581.25
Ethereum (ETH) $ 256.42
XRP (XRP) $ 0.272647
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 367.90
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $ 286.86
Litecoin (LTC) $ 68.40
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00
EOS (EOS) $ 3.96
Binance Coin (BNB) $ 21.96
Tezos (XTZ) $ 3.53