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โ€œYour blockchain token in one minuteโ€ was Wavesโ€™ original slogan. Though it has been changed due to the increase in services offered, what they said then is still relevant today. Waves is the first blockchain platform which has made it very easy for someone without coding experience to make their own blockchain token!

There are many other platforms out there which enable you to create your own token, most notably Ethereum. But unlike Ethereum, there is no need to learn a new coding language to create a token on Waves.

In addition to token creation, Waves launched its own decentralized exchange which allows you to exchange newly-created tokens with existing tokens and fiat currencies.

The founder and CEO of Waves is Sasha Ivanov, who is no stranger to the crypto world. He was the founder of the exchange coinomat.com.


Your questions about Waves Enterprise answered

โ€“ There was information in regards to the sale of the Vostok challenge to GHP Group. Are you able to elaborate on the main...
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Community Node Programme relaunched – Waves Platform

We're going to lease 10,000+ WAVES to new full nodes, giving them a lift for his or her participation in โ€˜Sport of Nodesโ€™.Along with...
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A new programme of support and development for Waves network

On 24 July, we're launching a particular program that can final eight weeks and can stimulate the event of the community of nodes that...
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Waves: the Global Ride – Waves Platform

Waves is charting a course across the international market to advertise its applied sciences and merchandise.Waves know-how must be marketed globallyWaves has at all...
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How to Build, Deploy and Test a Waves RIDE dApp

On this article I'll present how one can write easy decentralized appication(dApp) and run it on Waves node. Weโ€™ll check out the required improvement...
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Node 1.0 Released on Mainnet โ€“ Waves Platform

We're releasing a serious replace for the Waves blockchain! Waves Node 1.Zero will carry some highly effective and long-awaited new performance and options to...

Vostok rising. โ€“ Waves Platform

Vostok public community is operational, and itโ€™s time to stipulate the roadmap for the upcoming months. And to do one other fairly essential factorย :)Vostok...
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A blockchain solution for the corporate and public sectors

On 6 June 2019 Vostokโ€™s mainnet was launched, taking blockchain options for main companies and authorities businesses to a brand new stage.A yr in...

A new step for Waves DEX development โ€“ Waves Platform

We're prioritising Waves DEX for the persevering with growth of Waves Consumer. It is going to now be a standalone, trading-focused product.Waves is frequently...
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Waves Launches Course for Web 3.0 Devs โ€“ Waves Platform

On 17 Might, Waves will launch a dApps programming course in a bid to organize builders for the applied sciences that may change into...
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Easy KYC for Waves with Blockpass โ€“ Waves Platform

The partnership will present simple and clear instruments for companies so as to add KYC assist to their Waves providers and purposes.Waves has partnered...

Waves Launches Decentralised Token Rating System โ€“ Waves Platform

On the finish of final yr we introduced a brand new protocol for decentralised asset verification. The concept is that, alongside different information suppliers...
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Waves celebrates 3rd birthday, heralding Web 3.0 โ€“ Waves Platform

On 19 April, we marked our firmโ€™s third anniversary with a meetup titled โ€˜Waves 3.0โ€™, utilizing the event to debate the way forward for...

Announcing the WRT buyback! โ€“ Waves Platform

Tokens may probably be despatched as an indication of appreciation to Waves Ambassadorsโ€Šโ€”โ€Šwho're the one ones in a position to promote them.In our latest...
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Vostok and the Future of Enterprise Blockchain. โ€“ Waves Platform

Vostok and the Method ahead for Enterprise Blockchain.Our new enterprise implements ideas from open blockchain ecosystems into the traditionally closed world of enterprise experience.Blockchain...

Vostok token airdrop to be extended โ€“ Waves Platform

Pricey Waves group,as you in all probability know, the official snapshot interval for the upcoming Vostok token airdrop is now over. Each account that...
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Waves Platform Releases Data Oracle Tool โ€“ Waves Platform

Knowledge oracles are indispensable to blockchain infrastructure. Inside the primary article in a bunch dedicated to blockchain information oracles, we take care of how...
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Waves Gaming Grant Recipient Announced โ€“ Waves Platform

Tradisys, a longtime contributor to the Waves group all through the gaming self-discipline, is more likely to be issued a 100,000 WAVES grant for...

RIDE for dApps hits Waves TestNet! โ€“ Waves Platform

The improve to Wavesโ€™ native blockchain language is a key step alongside one of many easiest methods to full dApp implementation and Net 3.Zero...
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Whitelists, Blacklists and Interval Trading

All through the 2 earlier articles we talked about utilizing good accounts and good property for working auctions and creating purchaser loyalty packagesย , together...
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Tradisys Re-Launches Fhloston Paradise โ€“ Waves Platform

Inside the brand new model of the blockchain recreation, which is impressed by the film โ€˜Fifth Half,โ€™ the chances of worthwhile will most likely...

Application of Waves Smart Accounts and Smart Assets for Financial Instruments

Inside the sooner article, we thought-about fairly a number of use conditions for good accounts in enterprise, together with auctions and purchaser loyalty packages.Inside...

Waves Reward Token airdropped to WCT holders โ€“ Waves Platform

The token accommodates good decisions and shall be utilized by the group to thank our Ambassadors!We not too means again launched the Waves Reward...
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Ethereum (ETH) $ 173.93
XRP (XRP) $ 0.296142
Tether (USDT) $ 1.00
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) $ 231.71
Litecoin (LTC) $ 54.77
EOS (EOS) $ 2.94
Binance Coin (BNB) $ 18.49
Bitcoin SV (BSV) $ 108.45
Stellar (XLM) $ 0.063807